Netflix raises prices and Hulu lowers some prices while raising others

Netflix has raised prices between 13 to 18 percent across all three of its subscription plans in the US. Their $10.99 HD streaming plan has increased to $12.99, while the $14.99 4K streaming plan has increased to $16.99. The basic SD plan has increased from $7.99 to $8.99. These prices go into effect immediately for new subscribers, while existing subscribers will see the price hike within a few months, depending on their billing cycle. Hulu has decided to lower the price of its ad-supported plan from $7.99 per month to $5.99. Their $11.99 “no commercial” plan will remain at its current price. What will increase is Hulu’s Live TV service, which is going from $39.99 to $44.99 per month. Hulu’s price changes go into effect on February 26th.

  1. Chrsi says:

    We don’t have cable so we have Netflix and watch local stations, so the continual increases stinks. What is really frustrating though is I’ve been in a test market for the last few years with Xfinity and their data caps. When it first rolled out we were limited to I think 300GB or maybe 500GB. They’ve since increased to a TB, but if the kids are off for a week or so and heavy streaming is involved that TB comes close without 4k. Don’t think we’d ever be able to stream 4k with those caps. So basically getting hit on both end with these increases.

    • John says:

      You can always go back to cable. We did and we are so much happier now. Our only regret is leaving cable to begin with. This whole “cutting the cord” fad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are many more cons than there are pros and we just aren’t willing to sacrifice quality of service when it comes to our home entertainment. We also found that we were spending just as much money on streaming, if not more in some cases, than if we had just stayed with cable. Also, the cable company has given us price discounts for the last two years simply by being a loyal customer. Can your Netflix do that?

      • Stephen W Kerr says:

        Xfinity is the only cable package I have seen that comes close what I expect from my providers. The DVR options with SpectrumTime Warner are sad. I would not consider going back just for the user experience.

        Xfinity lowered my father in laws bill to 2x what I pay and gave him basic channels and some services he could not use cause he did not have the equipment. It was going to be a 2 year lock in but thankfully I was able to cancel the order during the grace period. You may get lucky with service but overall the stories about crap service and predatory behavior about cable companies is true.

  2. TechyChris says:

    Currently there are no data caps on Verizon Fios but I do get a “friendly” usage reminder every month, after consuming about 5-6 hundred gigabytes.

  3. David Gelkin says:

    Netflix for tmobile customers is free, wonder if they will start charging for the price difference.

  4. Nate says:

    Netflix has really been testing the waters as of late as to what price the market will bear. This is the 2nd significant price increase in as many years and for 4K package customers, is getting near the max.

    I absolutely love Netflix’s original programming but if prices are starting to approach the $20/month category, my appreciation will not go that far. What set Netflix apart from the rest in years past was the groundbreaking platform coupled with easy access to a vast library of old favorites. As of late I have seen too many of those old favorites go and the platform incorporating some dubious marketing/beta settings.

    I have no problem paying for a great product, but if Netflix decides to slowly become a content creator rather than a hybrid creator/delivery system, I will definitely reassess my subscription. Another price hike either this year or early next year would all but hit the cancel button on my Netflix account.

  5. Mike says:

    We subscribe to several streaming services, but not all at once. Ever since they started splitting off the different shows they carry, we started scheduling our subscriptions and waiting until the end of a season for shows we’re interested in. We used to just stick with Netflix and rotate among the rest, but now that they’ve raised their rates again we’ll probably only pay for the service about 4, maybe 5 months out of the year. I guess in the long-run we’ll be saving some.

  6. AAA says:

    Can someone explain why Netflix and some other streaming services make it so difficult to find the cost of the rate plans on their website? I gather it is because they want people to sign up before being confronted by the costs but it makes me disregard the service all together.

    You really have to dig to find them and then when you do, Netflix for example, the dvd by mail site, they only present two plans, the 1 dvd allowed out at any time and the 2 dvd plan, I thought they got rid of the 3 dvd plan and the starter plan for $5.99 which limits you to 2 dvds per month.

    Even when you sign up they only offer 2 plans, then once you are a member, when you click the change plans option, all 4 show up as options.

    This does not seem to be a logical way to run a website.

    • Joe M. says:

      This seems to be a trend. I notice many websites selling a service do this. I can’t check prices for my local cable provider until I even enter my address.

  7. hegemon13 says:

    Hulu is still about $5.99 more than it should be. I have had it free for about 3 years. I’ve tried using it a few times, and every time the video and audio quality was so horrendous I gave up. Throw ads on top of that, and it’s not worth a cent.

    What ticks me off is that they keep getting exclusives to shows that used stream in glorious HD and surround sound on Netflix, and downgrading them to SD/terrible-artifacty-HD and stereo. How are they even still in business?

  8. H.E.C. says:

    Netflix pricing is ridiculous with the extra charges for HD, 4k and additional devices especially if you’re used to one singlenplans like from Amazon. I’d avoid.

    Speaking of Amazon – anyone noticed the promo adds the Prime video is now playing before and in between TV series episodes and is there a way of turning this off as they becoming annoying?

  9. Charlie says:

    I like Hulu without the ads and the Stick 4K is Dolby surround capable. I sometimes think I’m paying to only watch a few programs. I’m inclined to keep it running for a couple months, then pause it for a month before starting it back up. Glad my tier is not going up. Netflix seems to make it’s subs pay for its excessive spending on original content, though I still subscribe off and on.

  10. Stephen W Kerr says:

    Even at $12.99, I get a lot more out of Netfix than I do from HBO which costs me more. Even Hulu no adds at $11.99 I get better value than HBO. But…I probably depends on you tastes and viewing habits.

    I don’t miss DirecTV as all. Even with their proposal to cut my bill in half it was still 50% more than my YouTube TV option and I get unlimited DVR with that. DVR on DirecTV was extra and even more for each set.

    But Cable does not really even deliver the same content as Netflix, Amazon or HBO. Cable competes maybe with Hulu the the Online Live TV options. IF you are not getting the value you want from the Netflix or HBO it is easy enough to quit and go back. Can’t say that about Cable.

  11. avensis says:

    Will the app increase prices in Europe?

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