Netflix is kicking subscribers off their grandfathered-in cheap ad-free plans

Netflix has started forcing people off their old grandfathered-in cheap ad-free plans. The streaming giant said it would start doing it later this year and that time has come. Existing subscribers on the discontinued plan will see a message in the Netflix app informing them they must choose a new plan. Worse yet, even if your final month on the old plan hasn’t ended, there’s no way to dismiss the message and continue watching. You must select a new plan once the message appears. The current plan options in the US are $6.99/month with ads, $15.49/month for 1080p without ads, or $22.99/month for 4K without ads.

  1. Royston S McFadden Jr says:

    Well as much as I watch a lot of of movies with Netflix, I Don’t intend to go broke trying to fill their pockets.

  2. Dave says:

    Bah humbug!! There are other ways to see those shows

  3. joe wheels says:

    Sorry family. Netflix will be going bye-bye! I have other ways to watch.

  4. Marty Stockdale says:

    Is the entire Netflix library of shows available in 4k?

  5. Baehr says:

    Media streamers would be well to remember that the only reason people subscribe is that it’s a little easier than piracy.

  6. ben says:

    get the ad supported there are not many ads at all and they are very short

    • Manabi says:

      For now. As Netflix continues to pursue higher income per user the number and length of ads will go up over time. That’s not just a theory, it’s the only way they can continue to make the line go up indefinitely and that’s what Wall Street demands.

      • Adan says:

        There’s always someone around to say “No, really its not that bad, they’re here to make our life better!”.

  7. Andreas Pryce says:

    There’s more content on TUBI than on Netflix and TUBI is free!

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