Netflix cracks down on proxy streaming


Now that Netflix is available worldwide in 130 countries, they’re cracking down on users that circumvent geographic resctricions by using proxies that trick Netflix into thinking the user is in a different country. Netflix’s content deals dictate which videos can be viewed from different countries. This is why Australian Netflix customers, for example, only have access to about 10% of the content available to its US subscribers. If you’re using a workaround to view Netflix content limited to a country different from the one that you’re in, you may be cut off in the coming weeks. Those using proxies have already started to see error messages when playing some content, but it appears VPN users are so far unaffected.

  1. Keith says:

    I dont get the point of this? Netflix is going to irritate the paying customers? If I were effected Id cancel my membership,maybe out of spite. Honestly, i dont understand this from a business pov…youre already getting money from the customer every month, you dont offer an extended package for those customers to get the content legitimately, so if youre netflix this seems to be more about control than money.

    • xnamkcor says:

      If you were told you no longer had the service you wanted you would cancel out of spite? Isn’t that just not paying for something because you’ve decided it isn’t worth it?

      Would you be willing to pay more per month for Netflix to pay for the licencing to distribute the content in your country? Even if it tripled or more your bill?

      • Keith says:

        Im not going to get into how little i care about netfix`s bottom line. If it gets too expensive i cancel, if other reasonable consumers do the same…netflix starts offering better deals.Youd be surprised how the market is more inclined to meet the demands of smart consumers.
        But this is a different scenario. These customers arent pirating exactly, which btw-if they can use proxies more than likely its within their skill set to do so. It is, however, these precise circumstances that leads to an explosion in piracy. People are willing to pay for what they want but don’t want to pay for what they don’t want. Im thinking this is a bad move by netflix. The people who use proxies obviously arent happy with netflix therefore they are likely to cancel therefore your argument is logically flawed. If they lose money in one market how does it keep my price low? Factor in the piracy effect, which im told hurts the motion pictures industry but ill tell you a trip to the movies today is a MUCH better experience than it was when i was a kid.
        Dont believe anything you hear from a US Economist. Theyre in the most indoctrinated group we have.

        • xnamkcor says:

          If you mean their bottom line that says they shouldn’t break the law, yes. You live in a country that isn’t the USA, you’re stuck with that. Good or bad. But licencing fees for other countries are not the same for the USA depending on the content.

          And then you threaten to resort to piracy? So, if you don’t get something for free, you’ll steal it? Good one.

          • Keith says:

            See… Thats a nice trick you did there. If a man murders his wife who’s cheating on him you can probably establish motive BUT it doesnt excuse the crime nor justify it. It merely tells the story of why he probably did it.
            I was pointing out a reality. And this has been proven that if barriers are put up, people will find a way to overcome them. Unless we reach a point where the people building the walls find a way to shackle all of those who might climb it (free trade deals restricting internet freedom). Some of us try to climb the wall, some are too scared, and others among us cheer as the wall is constructed. Even justifying the reasons why that wall must be built and thinking its for their own good.
            I never said i would steal. I just expressed that i dont believe these proxy users are stealing but factually many of them will if they dont have a better option. Eitherway, the money doesnt go to netflix so looking at the big picture, i dont see my rates remaining low.

  2. CK says:

    What about DNS users? I have a netflix 4 user account and have a subscription to a paid dns service, I’m from the English speaking Caribbean but netflix gives me movies that are mostly in Spanish which are meant for Latin American users.

    • xnamkcor says:

      Domain Name Service users? The service that translates the word-based things like “” to actual IP addresses?

  3. Riddlr says:

    The only way I think this would work would be if they prevent travelling with Netflix and only allow you to watch your billing address country’s content and only while your IP is in that country. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to enforce as Hulu has found.

  4. Ambler says:

    They are throwing a bone to the content providers who have been complaining for years, but it doesn’t change the equation that it isn’t really in Netflix’s interest to antagonize paying customers – especially since it is so easy to cancel a Netflix subscription.

    So they will block free services like Hola or Tunnelbear, but I can’t see this as having much impact on people using Smart DNS services.

  5. vulcan195 says:

    From my DNS service provider – Hi, Netflix is planning on making changes to the way they enforce their country licensing agreements. if/when this causes any problems for XXXX users accessing different regions we will investigate and do our very best to support any changes Netflix makes on their side. Our engineers are monitoring every channel 24/7 including Netflix. Thank you.

  6. vulcan195 says:

    Someone posted this –

    I just tried – and its working fine so far. Waiting for the House of Cards to fall.

  7. ck says:

    today i now have this message also “This recipient does not accept payments from non-U.S. PayPal accounts” So i’m feeling petty close to cancelling my Netflix account if they are going to lock content to credit card origin countries.

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