Netflix app update fixes 4K playback issues on the Amazon Fire TV

If you’re a Netflix customer and have a 2nd-generation Amazon Fire TV connected to a 4K television or one of the new 4K Fire TV Edition televisions, you may have noticed the picture quality of some Netflix content has been a little softer than it was previously. That’s because a bug in the Netflix app was causing 4K content to only stream at 1080p resolution. Thankfully, the Netflix app has just been updated with a fix, so 4K content should once again stream at the full 2160p resolution. Thanks to Biggen for bringing the issue to my attention and verifying it’s now fixed.

  1. Scott Howell says:

    Is there a way to tell while the video is streaming if you are truly getting 4K? In Amazon content all you have to do is press down to see the overlay with what resolution you are getting. Netflix? Nope. Just supposed to take their word for it.

    • KingNothing says:

      Press and hold the center and down button on the remote together for 5 seconds, then press the remote’s menu button to bring up developer tools menu.

      Then activate the second switch “Advanced Options”. After that every time a video is playing a little box will fade in from the right side where you can see stream resolution and other informations. The only exception where this box doesn’t show up is when you play something in Amazon Video. But it’s quite useful for Netflix, as you can also check out the framerate of the video, so you can set the right refresh rate for it.

  2. William Goltz says:

    I had a similar experience as biggen about three weeks ago. Only contacted Netflix and was given a bs answer after about 40 minutes. I noticed that 2160 was back on my 2g fire tv box last night.

  3. Biggen says:

    Im just glad its fixed. Nice to know Netflix cares enough to get stuff done!!

  4. John B says:

    If I had a 4k TV and more than the 1TB cap from Comcast…..but since I don’t I have it limited to SD and don’t notice any difference on my HD TVs.

  5. Edgar R says:

    Bout time. I noticed this last week and have been trying like crazy to fix it. Called amazon and they told me to call Netflix. Then Netflix gave me some bs answer that it was the firetv. Even though native app on tv did 4k. Finally found out that it was the app about a couple days ago. Stupid Netflix.

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