Netflix and HBO content finally added to Amazon Fire TV Universal Voice Search

Netflix and HBO have finally been integrated into the Amazon Fire TV’s universal voice search. This means you can use your voice to find and bring up Netflix and HBO movies or TV shows in the Fire TV interface, even if the content is not available in any way through Amazon. Selecting the content will launch the respective app directly. This ability, which was promised by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings when the Fire TV first launched in 2014, has been a missing sore spot for Fire TV owners. A sore spot no more, because the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick now have full Netflix catalogue integration.


Browsing content through the Fire TV interface will now indicate if the movie or TV show is available through Netflix, in addition to HBO and the 75+ other subscription services that the Fire TV supports. If content is available from multiple sources, you’ll find all the ways to watch in the “More Ways to Watch” popup, just as always, but now you’ll see Netflix and HBO Go as one of the options if applicable. Support for HBO Now will be added in the near future. HBO content already appears in search results, but you can not directly start playing content in the HBO Now app from the Fire TV interface yet. For now only the HBO Go app is supported, with HBO Now support coming soon.


Amazon also says Netflix and HBO subscribers will see recommendations appear on the Fire TV’s home screen from those services. It’s unclear how exactly this will pan out just yet, since it doesn’t appear to be present yet.It will likely be similar to the Crackle row of content found near the bottom of the “Your Videos” section on the Fire TV.

  1. Anthony says:

    I got a Netflix Recommends section in “Your Videos” section with all the Tv shows I’m watching! Cool beans.

  2. jbrodack says:

    Was wondering if this was ever going to come to fire tv. Finally. Thanks for the news.

  3. hovee says:

    What version of the Fire TV OS do you need for this to work?

  4. ClamSlam says:

    Nice, I will be using this option for sure. I just wish they would activate the voice search for the Youtube app. Super annoying

  5. Mark says:

    Is this on the UK gen one Fire TV’s? If not hopefully after next week it will be :)

  6. clocks says:

    My email writing campaign finally paid off. lol

  7. Ohio.medic says:

    According to the email I got from Amazon the search works in over 75 apps

    • Reflex says:

      I’m just wondering if there is a list somewhere. I’d love for this to work in, say, Plex.

      • Ohio.medic says:

        No list that I’ve seen anywhere. No go on plex, at least for me.

      • Wakey says:

        Plex will never happen. As all the searching is handled on Amazon’s servers it needs a list of the content available to be ‘uploaded’ to Amazon that it can cross reference. As everyone’s Plex server content is different it would hence need every person to upload their own unique content lists to be searched against

  8. Vulcan195 says:

    Someone pinch me!!!

  9. Mark says:

    This is better news than the FireTV3 announcement!

  10. Tony says:

    Amazing…I didn’t think this would ever happen. Too bad I don’t have Netflix any more…may need to get it back.

  11. Patrick says:

    When I click on a search result I have to click to open Netflix, then select the user, and finally it just launches to my home screen. So basically launching a search result just opens Netflix to the home screen. Anyone else seeing this?

    • Todd says:

      Same problem here. I’m wondering if we also need an update to the FireOS?

    • Kile says:

      Just updated to the pre-rooted rom. I also updated my Netflix app. I am still having the same problem when using voice search. I choose “More ways to watch” and see Netflix is an option where it says “Free 30-day trial” even though I already have an account logged in. When I press the Watch now with Netflix button, it takes me to the Netflix app info page where I can then launch Netflix to the home screen. I wish this would work properly

    • Ohio.medic says:

      Starts right to the show for me, if Netflix has been previously opened. I think if you have restarted, or the Netflix app has closed completely then this happens. I think it only works if the app is suspended in the background. I’ve noticed the same behavior from Hulu when using Siri on the Apple TV.

  12. Lo says:

    Is this a device software update that enables this or is this an update to the application that allows us to use this?

  13. howesoft says:

    If you try it with a film which is free on Netflix, but paid on Amazon, it only shows the Amazon paid for item, not the Netflix one, even when looking in more ways to watch. I have only tested this on one film, the Jay & Silent Bob cartoon. Be interesting to see if this is a glitch or a money making exercise by Amazon.

  14. Vulcan195 says:

    You cannot ‘Add to Watchlist’ if the show or movie is not available on Amazon (e.g. Narcos). This is a huge negative because most users would like to manage a single universal queue … so that when they get around to watching it … they can pick the lowest priced service that has the title available at that instant in time.

    • Will says:

      Netflix and Amazon are competing companies. That level of integration will take time. We JUST got the universal search. Be happy for that. Eventually it may happen.

  15. Will says:

    The new update for the netflix app renders it useless. It will start to play the show and last no more than a couple of minutes and freeze eventually going back to the previous screen. I’ve tried all known fixes. install/reinstall, clear data/cache for both Amazon and Netflix etc. It’s broken! Anyone else?

  16. Moe says:

    Universal search for Netflix note live in the UK, as is the Netflix recommendations which have 3 items from your watch queue followed by 10 items from Popular on Netflix.

    Very nice. This is really making my Android TV look really crummy.

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