NBC’s comedy and late night shows now available with new Seeso Prime add-on subscription


Amazon continues their recent influx of new add-on subscription options with the addition of Seeso, NBC’s streaming comdey service. Seeso offers comedy shows like Parks And Recreation, 30 Rock, The IT Crowd, and The Office. Also included are late night shows like Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night with Seth Meyers, as well as several original series and stand up comedy specials. The subscription will run you just $3.99 per month and comes with the longest free trial period yet, at 30 days.

  1. Rich sohne says:

    With every company charging 4 to 5 dollars per subscription it is quickly getting to the price of cable. Not what cord cutters were wanting when they wanted alacarte.

    • Fjtorres says:

      Ah,but that is the unavoidable outcome: bundles are always cheaper than unbundled prices. Aside from transaction costs, there is the desire to upsell consumers on the higher priced item.

      Back in the day, 45 singles ran a buck and LPs $5.
      Full season DVD sets (22-23episodes)/ run $30-40 but single episodes run $2-3.

      Where ala carte streaming saves you money is in the add-on charges (cable box, HD charge, DVR charge, municipal politician kickback, etc) or not having to get a higher end package for just one channel. (Been there.)

      But if you want all the stuff in the bundle anyway, then you might as well bundle away.

    • Argo says:

      If you were hoping to get all the same content as a cable subscription via a la carte options but pay LESS than you’re nuts. If you build a meal out of a restaurants a la carte menu, your going to pay way more than the preset dishes. The same will always be the case no matter what industry you apply a la carte pricing. You can’t have it all AND pay less. The sooner you figure that out, the happier you’ll be.

    • Len Mullen says:

      Cable is not a bad deal if you watch everything. Streaming (OTT) gets expensive quickly. You have to pay for the pipe then everything that comes through — not to mention the hardware and your infrastructure. It’s going to take these guys some time to figure out how much they can make OTT. My guess is that eventually the terrestrial and satellite providers will all end up OTT with some kind of tiered/a la carte structure. You will pay more for less but not as much as for more ;-) OTA remains the only free tv option. If you are looking for a bargain, get an antenna.

  2. craig says:

    Cutting the cord is more expensive if you want everything every month but there are options like just paying for netflix, hulu, or amazon when you want to watch a new series on there.

    Also, another way people are saving money is due to cord cutting companies like directv, time warner, etc are now offering skinny packages that trim a few expensive sports channels and is only 30-40 a month.

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