NBC app released for all Amazon Fire TV models


As was promised a couple months ago, NBC has released their new NBC app to all Amazon Fire TV devices. The app provides on demand access to a wide selection of both new and old NBC programming. You won’t find any live streams in the app, but full episodes of NBC’s latest shows are made available through the app the day after the show airs. Some of the content, like brand new episodes, require the app to be activated through a participating cable provider. However, most of the content is available for free with ads without the need to have a cable subscription. NBC says new episodes will be available to stream without a cable subscription 8 days after they air live.

The app works fairly well. My biggest complaint is that there is no indication of which shows/episodes are available without a cable subscription. It’s only after you press play to start an episode that you are informed a particular video requires app activation. There is also a bug I ran into where, once you select to view the episode list of a particular season of a show, there is no way to back out and select a different season. You can only back out and select a different show. You must force quit the app to see the season list again. Quirks like this will hopefully be ironed out soon, but overall this is a great app and a must have for any Fire TV owner.

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  1. Dorothy Evans says:

    Just updated my NBC app for my fire tv, and now NBC live tv stops playing ( goes black) after about 5 minutes of viewing. I restarted my first tv, cleared cashe and data, and it still stops working.
    Anyone else have this trouble?

  2. Will Hankla says:

    Our nbc app on firetv doesn’t even launch. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still isn’t working. It just goes to the screen with the NBC logo and spins.

  3. Monica says:

    Same here. Cannot get the NBC app to launch on Amazon Firestick. Uninstall, reinstall, clearing cache & data… NBC Logo & launching audio appear/sound, then you see spinning blue circle

  4. Renee Kennedy says:

    Cannot get closed captioning turned off

  5. Eb says:

    My nbc live is the same thing. It worked twice and now nothing. Very frustrating.

  6. Kidiki says:

    Did you try clearing the installation app off the fire stick after installing? It may be a memory issue problem?

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