NBA League Pass with live games likely coming to Amazon Prime Video Channels

Image: Twitter user @gmyrick

It appears as though the NBA will be offering their NBA Leauge Pass streaming subscription service through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. A tweet from an Amazon employee shows the NBA subscription plan being offered on an Amazon Fire TV device, even though such a subscription is not yet available to the general public. If the plan becomes available, it means that live NBA games will be available through Amazon’s Prime Video platform for the first time.

Screenshot of Tweet. Original Tweet has since been deleted.

NBA League Pass, which allows basketball fans to stream live out-of-market NBA games without needing a cable subscription, is not currently listed as one of Amazon’s Prime Video Channel subscription options. It also cannot be accessed through a generic Fire TV device, as is shown in the tweeted image.

Since the author of the tweet is an Amazon employee, he is very likely part of Amazon’s internal employee test pool. Amazon pushes pre-released software and features to their employee’s Amazon devices as a way to find issues before releasing new capabilities to the public. The Amazon employee was likely unaware that the NBA League Pass subscription screen he was tweeting about was not yet available to the general public.

Prime Video Channel subscription screen for CBS on an Amazon Fire TV

The tweeted NBA League Pass subscription screen follows the same format as any other Prime Video Channel subscription screen on a Fire TV device. It’s noteworthy that an annual subscription option is being offered, since all existing Prime Video Channels are only available as a monthly subscription. All existing Prime Video Channels also offer a free trial period, which does not appear to be available for the NBA League Pass subscription.

The $0.99 annual and $0.49 monthly prices listed on the tweeted image are very likely placeholder prices while Amazon works on integrating the service into their platform. For comparison, an NBA League Pass subscription for the 2017-2018 season was $199.99 if paid annually and $28.99 if paid monthly. The unrealistic prices on the tweeted image further suggest that the public was not yet meant to see this sign up screen.

The NBA offers their League Pass subscription through their website, stand-alone apps, and through traditional cable TV companies. If it does become available as a Prime Video Channel subscription, it will further strengthen Amazon’s position as a one-stop-shop for cord cutters.

  1. John says:

    I would like to purchase NBA league pass through Amazon Prime please let me know when this is available.

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