My Picks for the Best Fire TV Smart TV Deals for Prime Day — All Deals Are Now Live

Amazon has kicked off its Early Prime Day Deals today with dozens of great deals on Fire TV Smart TVs. I’ve already posted the Full List of all Fire TV Smart TV Deals, but, with more TV options to choose from than ever before, I thought it was worth picking out my choices for the best TV deals in various categories. Whether you’re looking for the best small TV, the best large TV, the best budget 4K TV, or the best premium 4k TV, this list of my picks for best deals should help you weed out deals that are just alright from the ones that are truly great.

Best Small TV Deal

My pick for the best deal on a small TV is the 32in Insignia Fire TV Smart TV for $99.99, which is 44% off its regular price of $179.99. More importantly, this price is $20 less than it has ever been in the past and is the first time a 32in Fire TV has ever dropped below $100. Sub-$100 prices have always been reserved for 24in Fire TVs, but that changes this year with this 32in TV. It being just 720p resolution is unfortunate, but you need to pay an extra $50 to step up to its cousin, the 32in Insignia 1080p Fire TV for $149.99, which I don’t think is worth the 50% jump. You could save $10 and get the 24in Insignia Fire TV for $89.99, but that’s 43% smaller in overall screen area and that TV has been $10 cheaper in the past.

Best 1080p TV Deal

If you don’t care about 4K resolution or huge TV sizes, then the 42in Insignia F20 Series Fire TV for $169.99 is my choice for you. That price is 37% off its regular price of $269.99 and it is $30 less than it has ever been in the past. The 42in size is a nice sweet spot for 1080p TVs because 42in at 720p would be noticeably pixelated, but 42in at 4K wouldn’t be that much clearer, compared to 50+ inch screens. If you step down to the 32in Insignia 1080p Fire TV for $149.99 to save $20, then you might as well step down to the 32in Insignia 720p Fire TV for $99.99 to save $70 instead, because you’re losing almost half the screen area so the resolution won’t make a big difference. If an extra $20 is in your budget and you plan to sit close to the TV, then consider stepping up to 4K with the 43in Insignia F30 Sereies 4K Fire TV for $189.99.

Best Budget 4K TV Deal

If you’re on a tight budget but 4K resolution is an absolute necessity, then you’ve got a tough choice between 3 really good deals, but my pick is the 43in Pioneer 4K Fire TV for $199.99. That price is 38% off its regular price of $319.99 and, more importantly, is $20 less than it has ever been in the past. It’s a tough call between the Pioneer TV and the 43in Amazon 4-Series Fire TV for the same price of $199.99, but the Pioneer takes the pick for supporting both Dolby Vision and HDR10, while the Amazon TV only supports HDR10 video. If you’re thinking that makes it an easy win for the Pioneer, think again because what makes the choice tough is that the Amazon TV is very likely manufactured by TCL, while the Pioneer is essentially just an Insignia TV with licensing rights to the Pioneer brand since the true Pioneer company doesn’t actually make TVs anymore. So it’s your choice if you want Dolby Vision support or a more reputable manufacturer. Speaking of Insignia, the third choice is the 43in Insignia F30 Series 4K Fire TV for $189.99. While, yes, it’s $10 less than the other two 43in 4K TVs, it’s also just an HDR10 TV, but, more importantly, it only has 8GB of internal storage whereas the Pioneer and Amazon TVs both have 16GB of internal storage. That’s well worth the extra $10 over the Insignia TV.

Best Premium 4K TV Deal

If you’re looking for a great Fire TV deal but aren’t willing to compromise on features, then the 55in Toshiba M550 Series Fire TV for $349.99 is my choice for you. It checks more boxes than any other Fire TV Smart TV and is at an all-time great price to boot. At its current price, it’s a massive 56% off its regular price of $799.99 and this price is a substantial $50 less than it has ever been in the past. As for features, it has hands-free voice capabilities, like Amazon’s own Omni Series Fire TVs, but unlike Amazon’s 55in Omni TV which only supports HDR10, the Toshiba supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HDR10. This TV is also the only Fire TV Smart TV with 48 zones of Full Array Local Dimming. The Hisense Fire TV is the only other Fire TV with local dimming, but it only has 32 zones. Lastly, the Toshiba M550 is the only Fire TV with a 120Hz refresh rate, but, be warned, it’s only for the Fire TV interface/apps, since all HDMI ports cap out at 60Hz. The Toshiba M550 also comes in a 65in size for $499.99 and in a 75in size for $699.99. While those are both 50% off their regular prices, they are both prices we’ve seen in the past, which is why the 55in size takes the win with its new all-time low price.

Best Large 4K TV Deal

For a good balance of great price, huge size, and good features, my pick is the 65in Toshiba C350 Series 4K Fire TV for $429.99 and the 75in Toshiba C350 Series 4K Fire TV for $629.99. The 65in version is 28% off its regular price of $599.99 and is $20 less than it has ever been in the past, while the 75in version is 30% off its regular price of $899.99 and is a significant $70 less than it has ever been in the past. (Note that Amazon is currently showing an incorrect list price of $699.99 for the 75in size. Update: The list price on Amazon has been corrected.) If you’re looking to get the largest screen at the cheapest price, you might be tempted by the 65in Insignia F30 Series for $399.99 or the 75in Insignia F30 Series for $599.99. While, yes, you do save $30 going with the Insignia TVs over the Toshiba TVs, what you lose is support for Dolby Vision, which the Toshiba TVs have and the Insignia TVs do not, and you lose half the internal storage, since the Toshiba TVs have 16GB of storage and the Insignia TVs have only 8GB of storage. Dolby vision and 16GB of storage are well worth the extra $30, especially at this price point. Now, if you’re considering the 75in Toshiba C350, you probably want to consider the 75in Toshiba M550 for just $70 more. For that extra money you add local dimming, hands-free voice, 120Hz, and HDR10+ support, which is worth it for most people.

Honorable Mention

It didn’t quite fit into any of the above positions, but its certainly worth mentioning the 55in Amazon Omni Series Fire TV for $299.99. There are a lot of great deals and options in the 50-55in Fire TV Smart TV size category, so it’s tough to pick just one favorite, but the Omni Series at this price point is worth considering. It’s 46% off its regular price of $559.99, but, more importantly, it’s a massive $70 less than it has ever been in the past. That’s the biggest relative price drop from past deals of any Fire TV Smart TV. You could save $20 going with the 55in Insignia F30 Series for $279.99, but you lose the hands-free voice capabilities of the Omni Series. Also worth considering is the slight software advantage that the Omni Series TVs have over other Fire TV Smart TVs. Being Amazon’s own TVs, they tend to get new software features first before other Fire TV Smart TVs. The Omni Series TVs were the first TVs to support Apple AirPlay casting, the only TVs to support Alexa Home Theater Groups for pairing Echos as TV speakers, and the first TVs to support Zoom video calling. That software advantage, combined with the fact that they are very likely made by TCL, makes the Amazon Omni Series Fire TVs a very safe bet when choosing among the Fire TV Smart TV options.

  1. Daniel Litvack says:

    It is worth $70 more to get this model of the 75″ Toshiba: Toshiba 75-inch Class M550 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV with Hands-Free with Alexa (75M550KU, 2021 Model) as opposed to the C350? This M550 has 4K LED w/ Wide Color Gamut (delivers expanded color spectrum providing a more colorful & vibrant picture), Full Array Local Dimming, and 480 Motion Rate (gives smooth fluid movement for all your fast-action content) compared to the C350. Any thoughts are appreciated!

    • Personally, I do think it’s worth the extra $70 more for the 75in Toshiba M550 over the 75in Toshiba C350. I mainly didn’t call the 75in M550 as the best deal for a large TV because $699.99 is a price that has occurred once before and I mentioned the TV in the Best Premium TV Deal section. For the extra $70 you get local dimming, hands-free voice, 120Hz, and HDR10+ support. That’s quite a bit and is worth it since you’re already spending over $600 anyway.

    • Mark says:

      As an owner of the 75″ M550, as well as the C350 65″, do yourself a favor and get the M550. The picture quality is phenomenal for the price point. VERY immersive experience. I so very much enjoy my Tosh 75M550 set. And I think you’ll agree.

    • Mark says:

      And the black levels are far, far superior on the M550 vs. the C350. In my opinion anyway.

  2. Joseph says:

    I have the 43” Omni tv and a friend of mine has the honorable 55” model you spoke of. Both of us couldn’t be happier. Great picture and feel like they are running out of the tv at you.

    • Mark says:

      That’s the ‘soap opera’ effect. Turn off the motion processing and you have a regular TV. Much needed for older shows, but in newer shows & movies, the motion processing adds a different element to the experience.

  3. Daniel Litvack says:

    Since you were all so helpful on this one (THANK YOU!!), I have an add on question: any thoughts on a wall mount for this 75″ TV? I was thinking of this one: USX MOUNT UL Listed Full Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 37-75 inch TV, Swivel and Tilt TV Mount with Dual Articulating Arms, Wall Mount TV Bracket Up to 132lbs, VESA 600x400mm, 16″ Wood Studs, XML019 (

    • Sorry, I don’t know much about wall mounts.

    • Mark says:

      I have my 75 M550 on an entertainment stand I used for my Mitsubishi 73″ DLP. The 65 C350 is on a $30 wall mount that isn’t articulating. About any wall, the mount will work. If you do not need to move the screen angle, go for a cheap mount. And I did forget about one gripe I have for the TV…With antenna TV anyway, every time the set is powered on, the closed captioning is active, even after I have it shut off when the TV was shut down previously. Annoying. Not a deal-breaker but annoying all the same.

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