MrMC v3.6 update includes the Plex add-on with more add-ons coming soon

The media center app MrMC has recently been updated to version 3.6 and with the update comes the return of add-on support. It’s still not possible for users to install their own add-ons in MrMC, but the app’s developers will be adding highly requested add-ons to the app. The first add-on being added is the official Plex add-on. Selectively allowing add-ons in this manner is the only way for MrMC to remain in the Amazon appstore.

The addition of the Plex add-on in MrMC now gives Plex users an alternative to the native Plex client that is already available in MrMC. Using the native client lets you play media from a Plex server using the MrMC library interface, while using the Plex add-on will launch Plex’s own interface that uses MrMC’s media player for playback.

The MrMC team says they’ll be adding more add-ons to the app in future updates. This includes more complicated skins that require python helpers, which were previously not possible to add, due to the removal of add-on support. MrMC will be including add-ons by popularity, so you can request that a specific add-on or skin be included by posting in their forums.

Speaking of skins, the developer Pecinko has recently joined the MrMC team. He is best known for developing the very popular Amber skin. He joins koying, the creator of SPMC who “>joined MrMC earlier this year, and the original creators of MrMC, amet and davilla. All four of which have a long history of XBMC/Kodi development.

  1. itzme says:

    I’ve been enjoying the Plex Extension (formerly called add-on) for awhile on the Apple TV. I look forward to trying it on the Fire TV. Pecinko also made a great skin for the ATV called Ariana, and I hope that makes it to the Fire TV MrMc as well. I keep trying both. The gang at MrMc are doing some great work.

  2. Jared says:

    I’m going to try the krypton download (official Kodi release) with the Plex add in tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be less buggy than the official Plex app.

    • Rick says:

      I’ve been using Plex with the FireTV Plex app for over a year and haven’t hit any bugs. Which bugs are you taliking about?

  3. Joe says:

    Very happy to see this.

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