MrMC update v3.1 adds an all-new Skin and a Free Lite version of the app to try

MrMC, the media center that is created and supported by the developers who first ported Kodi to Android, just released version 3.1 of their app. The main new feature of this version is a completely new skin for the app, made from the ground up by the app’s developers. This update also adds several bug fixes, as most of their updates tend to do, with this latest set of fixes related mostly to Plex, Emby, and EDL support in the app.

In addition to the new skin and update, MrMC is now also being made available in two flavors. The full version is still $2.99, but there is now a MrMC Lite version that is free. The Lite version has the same player functionality as the full version, except it’s missing Divx codec playback and limits library lists to 8 items. Most people are definitely going to want to use the full version long term, but the Lite version gives you a way to try the app before committing to buying it, which is always great to see.

  1. clocks says:

    With the old version, towards the bottom of the GUI there was a close icon. Is there a way to close this app with the new GUI? If there is, they don’t make it easy to find.

  2. OG Charlie says:

    Will Amazon ever add support for NTFS external hard drives?

    • tech3475 says:

      I doubt we’ll see official NTFS support or exfat support either because of the extra complication, limitations for Amazon content or because of licensing.

      Best alternative would be some kind of NAS (check if your router supports it).

      • Adam says:

        Yeah, I’ve had tremendous success with just a simple WD external drive plugged into my router, first with a MyBook via USB, and then with a MyCloud via Ethernet.

        Not quite a NAS, but ideal for local streaming over a LAN.

        • Derrick White says:

          me too with vlc. hell i even got the router free from sprint cause i said my home reception is crap. They offer a free wifi router as long as you sign up and turn on wifi calling and stay with sprint for a year. router has two usb ports and i use that to store videos and play them on vlc.

  3. Me says:

    Still seems to have .2 sec audio sync issues. Wish they would fix that. But love the new skin.

  4. Josh says:

    MrMC has come a long way. I would change from Kodi to MrMC (I already bought it) if they had parental controls.

  5. Richard says:

    Wow this skin was a long time coming and certainly is underwhelming.

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