MrMC is now available to install on the Amazon Fire TV Cube

An appstore mixup has been preventing customers from installing MrMC on the Amazon Fire TV Cube. It turns out that when Amazon’s automated system marked MrMC as compatible with the Fire TV Cube, it incorrectly chose the 64-bit version of the app as the one to use for the new device. Since the Fire TV Cube is running a 32-bit operating system, MrMC became incompatible. The mixup has now been resolved and MrMC is available for the Fire TV Cube. One commenter noted that the Fire TV Cube was asking them to purchase MrMC, even though they already bought it previously. That wasn’t the case for me. If that happens to you, try going to the Fire TV Cube’s settings area and select “Sync Amazon Content” from the “My Account” menu on the far right. You could also try clearing the “Appstore” data and cache under the Applications > Manage menu.

  1. tech3475 says:

    Anyone else having problems installing Mr MC on the Shield TV?

    It’s missing from the Amazon app store app and my backup from my FTV2 using es file explorer failed with a parsing error.

    Only other method I can think of is to try using my Fire 7 to get the apk.

  2. BobR says:

    One weird thing is that when I play a song with MrMC on the Cube and navigate to the Fire home screen the music stutters (unlistenable). This doesn’t happen on my FTV1. Anyone else notice this?

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