Mouse Toggle app now works with the Amazon Fire TV Cube

The popular Mouse Toggle app for Fire TV devices has just been updated to work with the new Amazon Fire TV Cube. This app lets you use your Fire TV remote as a mouse by simulating a mouse cursor that you control using the directional buttons of the Fire TV remote. It’s not as good as having an actual physical mouse connected to your Fire TV, but it’s handy for pressing a few touch buttons in sideloaded apps that were designed for a touch interface. The app initially didn’t work correctly with the Fire TV Cube, but the developer has just released version 1.11 that fixes the issues. Amazon does not allow this app in the Fire TV appstore, so you have to purchase it through your phone from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. The app will then instruct you on how to get it installed on your Fire TV directly from your phone.

  1. Nick M. says:

    From personal experience of using it, Mouse Toggle 1.11 does work for the Cube now, but only because of a work around that causes us to cut our FTVC resolution down to 1080p 50hz due to a bug that changes where the cursor lays in a higher resolution. You can find out more about this on the developer’s support page. At the bottom under FAQ for the Cube.

  2. Keith says:

    I thought mouse toggle required root? Maybe something changed…

  3. Rodger says:

    Is there a fix coming — 1 my Fire TV does NOT show the option of 50 HGZ ( not sure it it had that option before – but not today ( Fire TV update on 8-1-2018
    2. Everything was working with mouse toggler untill the August 1st update to the Fire TV

    Anyone know of another option ( till the app is fixed) — no ShowBox for now


  4. Damian says:

    Was working great on my Fire TV until the latest update. Now broken.

  5. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Since the last update my mouse toggle doesn’t work. I tried everything I think off. Changed my fire tv cube. Got new one still same problem. I have the fire tv cube…

  6. John says:

    I can not get mine to work. It just says starting and never changes. I have done everything I have read to do. I have the Firestick box and a 4k TV. I have turned things on and of and on again 1000000 times

    • Nick says:

      You will need to change the resolution of your cube down to 1080p 30hrz for it to work on it. When you’ve done this, ensure you have debugging enabled as well. Then open the app, disable it.. wait a second and then enable. Should fix your issues.

  7. Anthony Salyard says:

    I have insignia fire tv edition won’t read mouse

  8. Linkysys says:

    This is an old thread, but did anyone find a solution for the mouse input resolution bug on Fire Cube (gen 1, OS Mouse Toggle v 1.11 shows “started.” I can see small round pointer but click input does not work. Scrolling horizontally the pointer can wrap the screen 1.8 times. Scrolling vertically the pointer wraps with slight overlap. Third party bluetooth mouse/kb also does not register mouse clicks. Unable to navigate any apps requiring mouse input. There remains an alignment issue with the pointer.

    I have tried multiple resolutions in settings. Works fine on my less expensive Firestick 4k but not on the Cube??!! Disappointed Amazon never pushed an update to fix this bug on their premium devices? Has anyone independently developed a fix they are willing to share?

  9. Nick says:

    I tried this app on a new fire cube and it never started (yes I tried disabling enabling etc), then when I uninstalled the app it corrupted all my other apps and I had to do a factory reset, if anyone reads this DO NOT INSTALL IT

    • David_1960 says:

      Just check which version you are trying to install. It must be v1.11
      All others fail to work. I have 2 Cubes running it OK.

      • Nick says:

        Weird.. he must have just gotten around to approving this message. I haven’t owned a cube in years. And I definitely did not post this yesterday lol.

        Thanks for heads up though!

        • You’re not going crazy. It’s a different “Nick” and not a comment from you that was held up. ;-)

          • Nick says:

            Oh ok, my bad.. must have been a generic forum notification I got. I thought it was specific to my reply as a notification. Anyhow, thank you for clearing that up. BTW Keep up the awesome work.. it’s well appreciated around my circles!

  10. Scott says:

    Is there a fix for the new 3rd gen fire cube can’t get it working

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