Moto G5 Plus and Alcatel A30 are the newest Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones

Amazon has added two brand new phones to their lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones. These are the phones which Amazon sells at a discount, in exchange for pre-loading them with Amazon apps and displaying ads on the lockscreen. The first new phone is the Moto G5 Plus for $184.99, which is $45 off the regular price. That model comes with 32GB of internal storage, but there is also a 64GB version for $239.99, which is $60 off the regular price. This phone was just announced a few weeks ago by Motorola and will be released at the end of the month. You can place a pre-order for either the Prime Exclusive version or the standard version now and have it arrive on March 31st. It’s fully compatible with all four major US carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

The second new phone is the Alcatel A30 for $59.99, which is $40 off the regular price. There is a CDMA version of this phone, which will work with Verizon, and a GSM version, which will work with AT&T and T-Moible, so be sure to order the correct one if you’re interested. Pre-ordering now will have the phone arrive on APril 19th.

  1. clocks says:

    At first glace, it seems the 2/16gb BLU maybe a better deal than the Acatel. Still, nice to see more choices as part of the program.

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