More evidence the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is being replaced with a new model this year

While the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the second newest model in Amazon’s current Fire TV lineup, there have been a few signs that the device will be replaced with a new model this year. Most notably, a recent FCC filing for a pair of devices that appear to be Fire TV Sticks carry strong signs that they are a new Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max. Now, what is, in my opinion, the most telling sign that a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max is on the horizon has just occurred.

People naturally tend to think that if a Fire TV model goes on sale repeatedly, it indicates a new model is coming because Amazon and other retailers are trying to clear out their inventory of the existing model. As I’ve written about in the past, that’s typically not how Amazon operates. Instead, Amazon seems to be fine with just continuing to sell the old model, after a new model has been revealed, until its supply eventually runs out.

Take the Fire TV Stick Lite, for example, which is still being sold with the old remote over a year and a half after that bundle was replaced with a new remote. There was never a fire sale or clearance sale to get rid of the old bundle’s inventory. It just typically goes on sale for a little bit less than the bundle with the newer remote, likely to help clear them out a little bit faster. The main newer bundle is on sale right now for $19.99 while the older bundle is on sale for $18.99.

What does indicate a new model may be coming is if the entire Fire TV lineup repeatedly goes on sale except for one or two models. That’s because it likely means Amazon is trying to conserve the current inventory of those models so it doesn’t run out before the replacement model is announced. The biggest indicator that a new model is coming is if an existing model becomes unavailable, and that is what has just occurred last night.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is now listed as “Currently Unavailable” for the first time since its release. While there can certainly be reasons for a Fire TV model to temporarily be unavailable that have nothing to do with a replacement model coming, I don’t believe that’s the case here. We already know a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max is likely coming because of the aforementioned FCC filings, but its inventory running out for the first time solidifies its impending replacement in my eyes.

With Amazon’s new device announcement event coming in just a few days on September 20th, it seems like Amazon did a pretty good job estimating how many Fire TV Stick 4K Maxs it needed to make. We’ll likely see the current model go in and out of availability over the coming days, as inventory is uncovered, returned, or moved around, but it seems unlikely that there will be any significant discounts on the existing Fire TV Stick 4K Max after the new model is revealed.

  1. Adam says:

    What tells me that a new version is likely coming is because I just bought 3-4 Max’s when they were on sale. :)

    I buy them when they’re that cheap because I’m always giving them to friends and family so I’m not worried. I don’t typically upgrade all the TVs until the new model hits the first good sale.

  2. Gary Elliot says:

    I had a Max. Didn’t last long, basically bricked itself. Continually displaying a message about storage shortage and needing to free apps despite there being ample space left on the device.

    Amazon techie’s solution was to reset to factory settings without ever addressing the core issues. They had no clue.

    Calls and chats with Amazon were fruitless. I asked over and over again why a more advanced device would sell for less than a less featured product like the 4K stick. Crickets.

    Glad they are dumping the Max. It’s quirky and buggy and not up to the hype that Amazon promised.

    • Patrick Power says:

      I have 2 fire tv 4k max(bought 6 months apart) and never had that issue. Yours was probably just a defective unit and should have been replaced.

      • Gary Elliot says:

        I tried that route but it was just over a year old and they said no way. Based on that experience I’ll stick with the regular 4k which has never failed me. Could have been defective

    • The3evils says:

      Download xexplorer from Amazon and then delete all updates shown in downloads.

    • J.J. Corning says:

      I have a Max stick and hate it. The constant buffering drives me nuts!I have a wi-fi 6 router and it shows 5 bars on the info page yet it buffers 6 to ten minutes every 15 to 20 minutes. Replaced it with an original fire stick and it works just fine. Hopefully the new max stick will fix the buffering issue.

      • Rodney Mendoza says:

        Switch to Google tv or get Nvidia shield pro.
        Both are better than the fire stick because your constantly
        updating and clearing cache. Even the new Onn 4k box is great.
        It has 2gigs of ram just like the fire stick 4kmax for half the price.

      • Fred Hansen says:

        Apple TV. finally enough storage will no buffer or have to delete an app to update.

      • Frederick Corry says:

        Your issue is your fault. Wifi 6 or whatever don’t and never will beat a hard wired connection. Which is an ethernet cable running straight to your firestick. All you need to do is purchase an ehternet adapter for the firestick. You can find it in my Amazon Storefront. Or search for firestick ethernet adaptor here on Amazon.You won’t be sorry and it’s not expensive at all.

    • HighTech says:

      Clear your data for the silk internet app. It will delete any favorites but will clear up your space. Mine had almost 2.5 gigs of “data” in it. Cleared it out, no more running out of space..

    • Glenn says:

      I’ve bought a dozen for myself and family from day one. Never had an issue. But I don’t install many apps. I’m good with kodi.

    • Paris says:

      Got to have amazon Original plug and cord to firestick. Must be plug into wall. No extension cords or power strips.

  3. Craig says:

    Anything short of a Fire TV/Echo hybrid fair-field soundbar that can use Echo speakers in a 5.1 satellite configuration and the release of Homekit/AirPlay 2 for Fire TV Sticks and Cubes, is gonna be an instant and epic fail for me… No excuse, Amazon! None!

    • Gabriel Leontine says:

      AirPlay 2 support will be crucial for my choice, I’m waiting for Wednesday’s announcement to see if this will come, it’s very frustrating to know that this already exists on Fire Smart TVs but not on Sticks, being the cheapest Roku player on the market has it. I love FireOS but I really miss AirPlay 2, being able to synchronize playback via the iPhone between multiple TVs. Maybe I’m leaving Amazon and going to Roku after 4 years of using and hoping for AirPlay 2 on the Fire Stick.

      • Since it has been years now that Fire TV Smart TVs have had AirPlay 2 and stand-alone Fire TVs have not, I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I hope I’m proven wrong next week.

        • Craig S. says:

          Then you best be proven wrong next week, Elias! I dunno what they’re thinking over there??? But it’s been a wrong form of thinking! If Roku can release AirPlay 2 for every stick and box they sell? Then Amazon can do! They are held without excuse! Same with having no Echo-Fire TV 5.1 capable soundbar on the market! Roku can have one with Streambar Pro? Amazon can too! It makes no sense and even you (who used to work for Amazon) is even scratching your head wondering what’s going on over there! And don’t even get me started on Matter Casting again!

      • Brian says:

        I’ve been using AirScreen for chromecasting/airplay on my Firestick. Works pretty well for streaming music from my phone

  4. Ian says:

    Ive had no end of problems with mine. Jumpy playback on several apps (That run 50fps video, like DAZN and Discovery+ here in the UK) and no one seems to know what is causing it or why. Ive given up, its a poor device that had big promise and really disappointed.
    I won’t be going Fire device again, its soured me big time!

    • Eric says:

      Jumpy video at 50fps is likely judder. New TV’s can automatically remove judder at 24fps but not 25 or 50. If you change your fire tv refresh rate to 50Hz it should go away, but you’d have to change it back to watch other content.

      This is what “match frame rate” is supposed to fix but very few apps can use the feature.

  5. Jeff says:

    I run a FS Max, about a year old, expanded with a micro SD card, and it streams as smoothly as my $200 Shield Pro. Zero complaints. I welcome an ever “better” Firestick. This FS Max handles Kodi, TiviMate and Plex with no strain.

    • Adam says:

      Same. I have Tivimate, Plex and Arch running 400 or so retro games off a thumbdrive and the Max gives me no issues. Hopefully if they roll out something better it actually has more features and not just a “faster” processor. I’d love more built-in space. Even running the games off the thumbdrive the apps are all on the built-in space and I’m constantly up against the wall on that Max. It would also be nice if they included a Pro remote or at least a remote with the find feature like the Pro.

  6. Adam says:

    Interesting to see people having problems. I have Max sticks on 6 TVs and none have had a problem. All run Plex, Tivimate, and all the normal streaming apps. And feels smoother and faster than the standard 4k stick.

  7. David M says:

    I like the 4K stick better than the Firecube, Replaced my stick with a cube I received as a Christmas gift but found very buggy so went back to the 4K stick and have had no problems

  8. Rodney Mendoza says:

    I was an avid 4k max user until I tried the Nvidia shield pro.
    Hands down the best and fastest out there. The new Onn 4k streaming box is also good.

    • Adam says:

      I have one of the Onn 4K boxes. It’s nice for the price. I like the FS 4k Max a lot more. I find the Google TV interface even more cluttered and hard to follow than the FS interface – and that’s saying a lot.

  9. Dele says:

    For some reasons I just can’t explain, my 2nd gen Fire TV Cube would just lose network reception and then the damn amber light starts dancing around it. I’ve put it up for sale with the hope of getting a FS 4K Max, while I continue to use my Onn 4K Google TV box in the meantime. With the news of a possible new release, I will have to put off any new purchase until the new devices are released. I can’t handle any buyer’s remorse.

    • monakh says:

      This happened to me. I was lazy so I just let it be. Sorted iteelf out after a week or two of circling amber. Sometimes, it is just best to leave things alone when it comes to FTV. Sure, the Alexa capability wasn’t available but it was no biggie!

  10. Suchy says:

    The 4k max is ridiculously priced here in UK! Yet I see it on low offers all the time over in the USA WTF why do we just accept it over here! 4k Max can kiss my backside untill it becomes cheaper say 20% cheaper or at least match the USA price

  11. Louie Wolfe says:

    I have a firestick 19.5 less than a year old and it won’t load,I get a page I don’t recognize, I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing,can anyone help me out

  12. GED says:

    Get Real debrid. For $4.95/month, all buffering issues disappear.

  13. reallyDunno says:

    m2 & k2 refresh, ok. I can’t imagine what they’re going to add that would justify spending $ to replace an existing model. Clearly this is not a benevolent act to improve Kodi performance.

  14. Thomas Hoang says:

    I am so ready for a new Fire TV Stick. I love the 4K Max, but for some reason it never felt as fast or snappy as my regular 4K Stick.

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