More Amazon Black Friday deals that just went live today [Expired]

Here are some more Amazon Black Friday deals that went live today. Most of the deals from my previous Black Friday deal roundup from yesterday are still live as well.



Fire TV Apps

Soccer Quest
$1.50 $0.99


30% Off any one book
Use promo code HOLIDAY30 at checkout
  1. vulcan195 says:

    FLIRC USB – the absolute best way to control the Amazon Fire TV via the Harmony Remote.

    LG Exceed 2 – $15 phone that allows you to download from Google Play and sideload to Fire TV (the rest of my phones are IOS based). You can bypass the startup screen and use it over wifi (check youtube for the key sequence). Install the Apps2Fire app to side load to Fire TV. I also installed the AVG Virus / malware checker to scan any downloaded app – before I side load to Fire TV.

    • Rick says:

      Can you share how you configured it in My Harmony software? I have a flirc on my Chromebox and Harmony remote. Works flawlessly, but would like to test it out on my Fire TV as well.

      • Vulcan195 says:

        MyHarmony already has a FIRETV FLIRC device you can choose but it was more for gen 1. So I added a random device in MyHarmony that I don’t own (some Panasonic DVD player) and changed FLIRC setting in software to Full Keyboard and matched certain IR commands from DVD device to specific commands for FireTV. You probably know that FireTV can be controlled with a regular USB or wireless keyboard … So those are the commands you map to IR signals …and then map those to buttons on remote. Only thing that will not work is voice remote.

  2. natebetween says:

    UE Boom for a 50% discount is a FANTASTIC deal. In for 2, as they can be paired for awesome sound.

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