Missing app icon bug returns in Fire OS 8 on new Fire TV Stick 4K & 4K Max for Sideloaded Apps

While sideloading apps works as expected on the new 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K and 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max, there is one significant annoyance that seems to have resurfaced in Fire OS 8 on these new devices. Many sideloaded apps on the new Firestick models have missing or broken app icons, both on the home screen and in the app grid, making it nearly impossible to tell one app from another.

This missing icon bug first surfaced with the debut of Fire OS 7 on the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube. It plagued newer Fire TV models for years and was finally fixed about a year ago for all Fire OS 7 devices. However, when the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube was released a few months later, the missing icon bug resurfaced on that device’s unique version of Fire OS 7. Amazon has since fixed this bug on the new Fire TV Cube as well.

The bug has now resurfaced with the release of Fire OS 8 on the two new Fire TV Sticks. The bug only affects apps that have been sideloaded, since icons for apps that are installed from the Amazon Appstore are downloaded from Amazon’s servers to the Fire TV, as opposed to being pulled from the app itself, as is the case the for icons of sideloaded apps.

If you sideload a lot of apps and find yourself staring at a grid of broken icons trying to figure out which app is which, one trick to determine which app is highlighted is to press the menu button on the remote and select the uninstall option that appears in the lower right of the screen. You’ll then see a confirmation prompt that displays both the app name and icon. Once you know which app you’re highlighting, just cancel the uninstall prompt.

Alternatively, if you are using the Fire TV Stick Max with the enhanced remote that includes a Recent button, you can use that to launch apps since the Recent interface does display the highlighted app’s name at the top, even though the icon is also missing on that screen. If you have the regular Fire TV Stick 4K with the standard remote that doesn’t have a Recent button, you can use my Recent Shortcut app to load the same screen.

It didn’t take too long for this bug to be fixed on the Fire TV Cube when it resurfaced at that device’s launch, so, hopefully, Amazon will fix this soon on the new Fire TV Sticks as well.


Amazon has informed me that it is working to resolve this bug as soon as possible.

  1. ricklar says:

    The standard FireTV Stick and brand new 4K Stick showing 50%-off coupon codes for me in Shop Amazon app. 23STREAM code for standard Stick, a $20 off coupon. FTV23 code for 4K stick, a $25 off coupon. Unknown if this for all Prime Members. Sadly no coupon code for new 4K Max, though.

    • Paul Grimm says:

      That code doesn’t work in the USA fyi

      • Greg says:

        Yes the 3rd party apps icons are missing.

        Also when installing from Downloader you have to give it permission on each app I found and it installs it differently from the previous Max ( a blue line comes across the screen when installing. But the apps are installed and working as normal.

        For people who Have Home Theaters or sound bars / or TVs With Dolby Atmos, DTS, I found you have to change from Best Available to Dolby Digital+ in the display and sound settings in the Firestick Max settings.
        And you be able to play 7.1 True Dolby Atmos Abd 7.1 DTS MA. Etc. And will display on Your Home Theaters display etc. Something like Atmos/DTHD. DTS MA.When playing in 7.1 or systems that 9.1, and higher etc.

    • Fred says:

      Max23 got me $15 off the new Fire tv max

  2. Greg says:

    Hi. The New Firestick Max 2023. Is available in New Zealand . As of Thursday 28th. Wednesday 27th USA Eastern Time.
    They cost 129.00 NZD. Witch is about 77 USD and about 63 UK Pounds.

  3. FloridaGuy says:

    Use Appstarter. Problem solved.

  4. Gabriel Leontine says:

    What are the differences between the new Fire OS 8 and Fire OS 7?

  5. Mandi Phillips says:

    I have Prime and got deal last week on 4K FireStick, replacing older Gen sticks. Located in Alabama, U.S.A.

  6. F Estill says:

    Just received my new 2023 version of the latest Fire Stick 4K Max. Same problems here as others have mentioned. Sideloaded apps show up as a gray icon. I’m an Amazon subscriber but I also like my side loaded apps. I know there are solutions like going to Settings/Applications and it will show up there. But this hardware was created so we shouldn’t have to do that. Great Stick but It’s going back for now.

  7. Brent Rubin says:

    Same problem, downloaded Kodi and Titan tv and both apps had no icon in the box. Tried everything I could from researching internet but no fix as of yet. Waiting for Amazon to solve the issue.

  8. Kamar01 says:

    Have the same broken links like everyone else.. Taotlus app fixed this problem by showing all the downloaded apps in my new Fire stick Max with No broken links.

    • Saintsvb says:

      Can this be used without a laptop? I downloaded it directly to the firestick and it’s just a video that I’m not quite understanding.

      • Kamar01 says:

        The video is not needed, it is a tutorial for adjusting the tiles in the launcher if you wish ,just download and install the app as usual and it should work.

        • Saintsvb says:

          Ok, thanks for the reply. I downloaded it and nothing changed. The icons are still missing. I prob didn’t do it correctly.

  9. Ronnie Thomas says:

    Will be be informed when the new bug is fixed.

  10. William N says:

    Yes ne firestick max wifi 6e has icon bug. Updates still have not fixed.

  11. Frank says:

    is there a way to add a name to the icon on the screen ?

  12. theblackestflag says:

    Looks like it’s fixed now, at least it is on my 4k Max

    • Greg says:

      Yes it looks like it has been fixed orcas least some have.
      Some apps don’t seem to working properly like Defsquid dose not seem to be when press on boost it takes you back to launch.

  13. ATG says:

    Just got an update that resolved it:
    Fire OS (RS8101/1849)

  14. X says:

    Does anyone know if Fire TV Recast is now showing up on the new firestick, Has that also been fixed and what about the Dolby Atmos sound issue.
    Thanks for any info.

    • Greg says:

      I don’t know about recast.

      But Dolby Atmos 5.1, True 7.1 Dolby Atmos. Are working fine as is Mat Dolby Atmos.AS Well are all the other Dolby outputs.

      I personally use Dolby Digital Plus, instead of best available.
      And if you scroll to the bottom of the Display and Sound settings and press on it you will see what Audio and video output you are getting on the Max OS 8.

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