Minor change makes timers on Alexa devices more useful

The ability to set timers through Alexa is one of its basic but very useful abilities. The addition of named timers earlier this year was great, but they way Alexa tells you how much time you have left on a timer infuriated some people. Amazon has heard the complaints and has improved how Alexa responds to timer status requests.

When asking Alexa for the status of a timer, it used to say something along the lines of “You have 1 timer, a 20-minute timer, with about 5 minutes left.” The older at which the information was given is what bothered people because the information you want most, the amount of time left on the timer, is the last thing that is said. It might seem like a small annoyance, but if you use timers everyday, it’s enough to make some stop using Alexa for timers altogether.

Alexa has now been updated to say the amount of time left on your timer first when asked for the status. Alexa now says something like “You have 5 minutes left on your 20-minute timer” when asked.

  1. Powarun says:

    That is great, since I was annoyed by the : you have one timer part. Yes I know i have a timer going, tell me how much time is left, i need that part of the info first.

  2. Ryan says:

    Good stuff here. It is the small things in life that count.

    Does anyone know if the wand has or will receive timer capabilities yet?

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    Soooo much better… all I need is that first bit of info 90% of the time. I can just walk away as soon as I hear the time left instead of sitting there listening to her say the same things over and over just to get to the info I need. Now if we could get her to stop telling us about songs not being available, but if we signed up for Prime Music Unlimited… argh!

    Anyone know how to get it to default to play songs from “Your Library” over “Prime Music” if you have both?

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