Minecraft: Pocket Edition drops Fire TV support in favor of new more expensive Minecraft: Fire TV Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the immensely popular Minecraft game, which has been a staple app on the Amazon Fire TV ever since the streaming box was first introduced, is no longer compatible with the Fire TV. To replace it, a new Minecraft: Fire TV Edition has just been released. Both versions seem to be identical at the moment, since both include the v1.0 “The End” update, which was just released. The only difference I see, unfortunately, is that the new Fire TV Edition costs over twice as much at $19.99, compared to the Pocket Edition, which has always been $6.99. It’s unknown if the two versions will differ in the future, or if the split is simply a means to charge Fire TV owners more.

The good news is if you’ve purchased the older Minecraft: Pocket Edition before December 19th, then you’re entitled to the new Fire TV Edition for free. The product page says to “simply search and download” the new version and to contact Amazon Customer Support if you have trouble.

It’s not entirely clear if you need to have the Pocket Edition version installed on your device in order to get the new version for free, or if simply purchasing the Fire TV Edition with the same Amazon account that you used to purchase the Pocket Edition is enough to not charge you for the new purchase. Either way, if you get charged $19.99 when you already own the Pocket Edition, then I’m sure a quick chat with customer support will get you your money back.

  1. Joshua Timothy says:

    My fire TV shows that it will charge me $19.99… I have the pocket edition installed. I’d love more info on this as it becomes available. Don’t want to pay again for it.

  2. Jose says:

    I received the email and through my phone went to its Amazon page, the new Fire Tv edition. It says I already own it. I sent it to my fire tv at no charge no hassle. Losing my world is not a problem for me as I was only starting a 3rd world. I’ve had to delete 2 already because after heavy play with invested time they start to freeze on me. Hope not to have this issue a third time.

  3. Rodney says:

    I was charged after purchasing the game. After sending an e-mail to Amazon support and verifying my eligibility they canceled the purchase (1-click settings used an old non-working card) and gave me a $20 promotional credit to get download the game.

  4. Tricia says:

    Does this update install over the existing Minecraft game deleting all the worlds? My husband has multiple worlds that he plays with my daughter on her Fire tablet (which installed to the new version last night) and now they can’t play anymore together since the versions are different. I don’t have a problem paying for the upgrade but to lose 2 years of worlds is a Huge loss.

    • Tricia says:

      Update because my husband wanted to get the new version and was willing to risk starting over:
      Went ahead and bought the new FireTv Edition and selected to deliver to my Firetv. Waited for it to auto install. When it was done there were 2 versions of Minecraft. One the original Minecraft PE version and the new Firetv Edition. When my husband went into the new FireTv Editionn all his worlds were still there. Everything loaded without issue. I also contacted Amazon and they gave me 19.99 promotion code. phew

      Thank you for your post and always keeping us informed.

  5. AFTVLOVER says:


  6. Dereck says:


  7. JV says:

    Biggest problem is, all the skin & texture packs I bought my boy didn’t carry over. Sucks.

  8. Tayler says:

    It is a cool game I love it

  9. Bill U says:

    When I went to download the Fire TV Edition it did not say that I already own the game and it would cost $19.99. Not wanting to be charged, I opened up a chat with Amazon customer support to figure this out and get a promo code or whatever they could do to avoid me getting charged. After going back and forth with the person, this is what I was told regarding not being charged for the Fire TV Edition if you already own the Pocket Edition:

    Amazon: Bill, Thanks for your time and patience
    I have checked all the details and couldn’t find any such promo for Minecraft app. In this case, I suggest you to contact the app developer, so that they will assist you with the free app
    You can contact them on

    I even referenced this post and comments and gave the guy the link to this page.

  10. Bill U says:

    I’ve now talked to a second customer service rep from Amazon who now refuses to honor this promotion, even though it states it right on the Minecraft Fire TV Edition product page under Product Features: *If you have purchased Pocket Edition on Fire TV prior to 12/19 and want to get the 1.0 The Ender update, you need to install the new separate ‘Minecraft: Fire TV Edition’ app. You are entitled to get this for free, simply search and download. If you have trouble, please contact Amazon Customer Support.

    They are saying that because I purchased originally Minecraft PE through a web browser and had it delivered to the Cloud that it does not qualify for the promotion since it needs to have been purchased on the Fire TV in order to qualify. This is BS.

  11. Llyod says:

    They are also trying to make me pay $19.99 to continue to be able to play the Minecraft I already paid for.
    I am now getting a message on my Minecraft PE on the FireTV, “NO SUPPORTED REMOTES OR CONTROLLERS”!

  12. Joshua Timothy says:

    I sent an email to amazon and they refunded my $19.99 but said I should contact the developer about getting the app for free. Then, I called them this morning and the amazon rep looked into it and said that it must be an error in their system because the app is new. He added 1999 amazon coins to my account so I could purchase the FireTV edition.

    For those who are having problems, I would just call them and explain that the app should be free for all those who had previously purchased the pocket edition and ask them to help, if all else fails, call back and talk to a different rep.

  13. Bill U says:


    After talking to the 3rd Amazon customer service rep, I was able to get Minecraft: Fire TV Edition for free. They saw that I had previously purchased it, I had to purchase it for $19.99, then got a refund and credit for the purchase, and finally I had to once again download and purchase the app with the credit that was put onto my account.

    I guess it just took a little persistence!

  14. Sedew says:

    But, in order to get it free, I need to have any MCPE bought on any devices I have, or only on the old MCPE of the old Amazon Fire?

  15. Skater4599 says:

    I too got charged, 2 different reps later and he ended just giving me a refund and then a 20 dollar promotional credit to pay for the app again

  16. Llyod says:


    I Finally was able to have a CSR apply a promotional credit to my account to purchase the Fire TV edition.

    Seems like they really didn’t think this out.

  17. t-a-g says:

    With patience and kindnessI was able to get a refund.

  18. Ryan says:

    It was free for me, but it wasnt called Fire TV Edition, the new download is just called “Minecraft” Vs “…Pocket Edition”

    Am I the only one that is totally confused by the new controls?! I was very used to teh Pocket Edition controls and now even simple things that were second nature like moving items to my inventory seem to take me a long time fumbling.

  19. Patrick says:

    im confused. when i go to amazon.ca and check i can see amazon fire tv edition for $25 and i can see Minecraft (new non PE) for $8. both are version (same as in Google Play).

    When I go to my Fire TV box only the fire TV edition is available
    I sideloaded a cracked version of Play store variation to test it out and it works with the Logitech F310 controller fine. I dont want to pay $25 if I can pay $8

    I also dont want to have to install cracked versions because of license check.

    Anyone have recommendations in a 2018 timeline since bedrock edition is now cross platform?

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