Minecraft on Fire TV adds cross-platform play with Windows 10


Minecraft on the Amazon Fire TV has received update v0.12.1 which, among other things, adds the ability for Fire TV players to play alongside Windows 10 Minecraft players. Up to five players can join together and play simultaneously on the same world, regardless of whether they’re using a Windows 10 PC, a Fire TV, or a mobile device. Also included in this update are many features from the PC version of Minecraft including The Nether dimension, enhanced weather, brewing, enchantments, and lots more.

  1. Steve says:

    Has anyone tried v 0.12.1 on their Fire TV?

    Mine has auto updated and doesn’t work anymore. Most of the time it won’t load. When it does load the home screen (with the quotes and play button) clicking play crashes you back out!

    It worked fine installing from the Amazon App Store to my nexus however.

    I’ve got an unhappy 4 year old at the moment in need of his minecraft fix!

    • Simon says:

      Steve, it sort of works on our fire tv but it’s buggy as heck. We have to force stop the app in settings from time to time and relaunch it to get it going, the navigation and menus don’t work immediately and some items in the crafting menu are repeated – you have to avoid them to get to other items as the cursor becomes stuck on them. Definitely has some teething issues.

      • hiavatch says:

        Yeah, we’ve noticed some of the same. Clicking the Minecraft icon doesn’t seem to work. Every time we try, we eventually use the “Open” button and that does load it. I don’t know if it’s just trying it a certain number of times and getting lucky or if using Open works all of the time– haven’t played with it enough yet.

        The control seems messed up somehow too, we had some trouble placing blocks, and some of the Amazon controller related button text is messed up. “B to go back” for example is sometimes on top of other button text.

        It does work though. First run we made a Nether portal once it let us place blocks, and off we went for a few minutes.

        Once they get redstone added, I’ll prefer to play this version over the PC version…here’s hoping they get the controller bugs fixed. I assume that’s related to the fact that general purpose gamepads are supposed to work now, I’ve yet to try it with my Moga gamepad on my fone.

        The nightmare scenario would be that since Microsoft runs the show now, that they’ll care less about the smaller platforms, like firetv, linux, etc :(

  2. Steve2 says:

    Yes. I notice is buggy but playable ( once you get it going ). Does any one know if is there going to be a hotfix released to fix?

  3. Jack Astor says:

    I don’t even have the option of updating?

  4. Mike Switzer says:

    Yup. Noticed all the above, plus can’t get into the chat window, so I can’t login in multiPlayer servers now that they have updated. Force stop and starting the game from manage aplications and using a mouse app on my phone seems to get throuh most issues, but not all of them.

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