Matter Casting is now rolling out to more Fire TV devices and coming soon to more streaming apps

Earlier this year, Amazon was the first to support Matter Casting, the open alternative to proprietary casting formats like Google Cast and Apple Airplay, when it first rolled out the feature to the Echo Show 15. Amazon is now rolling out the feature to most Fire TV devices over the coming weeks, according to The Verge. While Prime Video is still the only streaming app that supports Matter Casting, that won’t be the case for long.

Matter Casting, which is part of the grander Matter interoperability standard for smart home devices, is an open standard for casting content from one device to another. It’s Amazon’s only hope for a widely adopted method for casting video streams from apps on phones to Amazon devices, like Fire TVs and Echo Shows, since Google and Apple heavily limit the use of their own popular, but locked-down, casting protocols.

Amazon has now said that Matter Casting will arrive on most Fire TVs running Fire OS 7 and 8 “over the coming weeks.” It’s unclear if models running Fire OS 5 and 6 will be permanently excluded or if they’ll gain Matter Casting at a later time. If the former, it would mean that many popular Fire TV devices, even ones sold relatively recently, would be excluded. The 1st-gen Fire TV Stick 4K runs Fire OS 6 and was sold new until late last year and is still sold as a refurbished model by Amazon. The 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick runs Fire OS 5 and is likely the single most popular Fire TV model due to being sold new from 2016 through 2020. Both of those popular models would not receive Matter Casting support if Amazon keeps the cutoff at Fire OS 7 and higher. I’ve asked Amazon to clarify specifically which Fire TV models will gain support for Matter Casting and I’ll update this article if I receive a response.

Without unrestricted access to either of the two most popular casting protocols, Google Cast and Apple Airplay, Amazon has the most to gain from Matter Casting taking off, which is why it is pushing the open standard so heavily. However, for it to succeed, there needs to be adoption from both display manufacturers and video apps outside of Amazon’s own Fire TVs, Echo Shows, and Prime Video.

TV manufacturers like Hisense, LG, Toshiba, and TCL have said they will support Matter Casting, but none have done so yet. LG, specifically, announced at the start of the year that its new 2024 TVs will now include Google Cast but made no mention of Matter Casting.

Although TV manufacturers are likely to adopt Matter Casting eventually, convincing video apps to do the same could pose a greater challenge. As previously mentioned, Prime Video is the only one to add support so far, but Amazon says that Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, Starz, and ZDF will also be adding support to their apps later this year. That’s certainly a good start, but the large streaming services, like Disney Plus, Max, and Netflix have not committed to adding support.

While Amazon’s rollout of Matter Casting on Fire TV devices is a positive step towards a democratized casting landscape, its impact remains limited without broader support. The success of this open standard hinges on adoption by streaming apps and display manufacturers. Until such widespread support materializes, Amazon’s efforts might not have much impact in the long run.

  1. Craig says:

    One would think that Disney, Netflix and MAX would be the first to line up, especially with Amazon and the CSA behind it! These companies make millions and millions of dollars a year. I doubt it cost them that much more to support an industry CSA standard casting protocol. Also? Roku only supports Mira-Cast and AirPlay 2… So they need Matter casting too!

  2. Craig S. says:

    Also? Elias? What about Matter casting music to Echo speakers? Will Echos be Matter receivers from sender apps like Plex for music? Can you follow up with Amazon on this?

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