Low Amazon Fire TV Stick supply stirs suspicion of new model


The Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote has just gone out of stock and is schedualed to be back in stock in about a week on April 4th. The non-voice Fire TV Stick is in stock, but has the note about requiring an extra couple days to process orders, which usually indicates supplies are low. People seem very eager for a new Fire TV Stick model since, anytime either one goes out of stock, I receive questions asking if it means a new model is coming soon. The last time the Fire TV Stick went out of stock appeared to be due to the sale in February that preceeded. There haven’t been any sales lately, so it seems a bit odd that supplies are low. One possible explanation is the upcoming release of the new Amazon Tap and Echo Dot next week. If Amazon uses the same facilities to manufacture these new devices as they do for the Fire TV Stick, it would be understandable that manufacturing resources have been focused on the new devices, which themselves don’t seem to be keeping up with demand. Despite the “new” Fire TV Stick just being a repackaging of the same original model, but with a new remote, I don’t believe we’ll see a new Fire TV Stick released until the last quarter of this year. That said, the original 1st generation Fire TV was released on April 2nd, so April seems like a plausible month for a new device to be released.

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  1. Florian says:

    Probably that Amazon want to push down the video traffic with a new Fire TV Stick and hevc/h256-support.

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