Logitech K400 vs K400r


There are two versions of the Logitech K400 keyboard. They are the K400 and the K400r. Each one has a slightly different button layout and features. More often than not, if you buy a Logitech K400 keyboard online, like from Amazon, you will get the K400r because it is the new revised version of the original K400. The K400r is prefered for media and home theater use, like with the Amazon Fire TV, because it replaced the F1-F12 keys with media specific controls that work with Android devices.

Here are the Amazon Fire TV actions that can be performed with the Logitech K400r:

  • BACK = Esc or F2 (Pressing the FN key is not required)
  • HOME = 3rd button from the top left (Has a white house icon on it)
  • MENU (aka, “hamburger”) = FN + Ctrl (Has a blue menu icon on it)
  • REWIND = F7 (Pressing the FN key is not required)
  • PLAY/PAUSE = F8 (Pressing the FN key is not required)
  • FORWARD = F9 (Pressing the FN key is not required)
  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT = Arrow keys
  • SELECT (center circle) = Enter
  • Put the Fire TV into sleep mode = “PC Power” key, 5th button from the top left
  • Restart the Fire TV = Ctrl + Alt + Delete

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