Logitech K400 keyboard with touchpad on sale for $19.97 [Expired]


The Logitech K400 Keyboard with built-in touchpad is on sale for $19.97 on Amazon. That matches the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this great keyboard. It’s touted by many, including myself, to be the best Fire TV keyboard in this price range. It has become harder to find this keyboard, especially at a good price, ever since Logitech released its successor the K400 Plus, which, in my opinion, is an inferior keyboard for use with the Fire TV. This keyboard uses a USB dongle to connect to the 1st and 2nd generation Fire TV, so it will not work with the Fire TV Stick. All actions on the standard Fire TV remote, except for voice search, can be replicated with this keyboard. The last time this keyboard went on sale, the price was back up within a few hours, so act fast. Note that, even though it is listed as the K400 keyboard, you will almost certainly receive the K400r, which is the better keyboard for Fire TV use.

  1. Shawnatron says:

    I love this keyboard. Browsing the web in bed on my Fire TV (sideloaded browser) is awesome.

    • hiavatch says:

      Yes, it’s a great keyboard, but how do you efficiently scroll? It frustrates me to no end. In Firefox, say, you have to press and pull either up or down, but that only moves the screen a tiny bit, then you have to release and do it again, over and over. There are no classic arrow/scroll-bar buttons along the right side of apps that you can click on. Arrow keys work fine sometimes, jumping thru the page, but that really depends on the how the page is laid out. A scroll wheel on this keyboard would make it infinitely better.

  2. Jeffery says:

    I checked Amazon last month and it wasn’t available.I couldn’t wait so bought K400 at local store ( US dollar equivalent to $46 ).
    What a waste!

    I’ll pass along the local community here. Thanks for this post.

  3. Tim says:

    I bought this keyboard originally to be used with my Raspberry Pi and it works stellar on the AFTV 2 as well.

    My only complaint thus far with it on my box is that it inexplicably does NOT work inside of the YouTube app. While the arrow keys and mouse function correctly, when I go to the search area for instance, I cannot type in any letters. I am able to type without issue in essentially every other app I have (side)loaded.

    Elias or anyone else have any idea why this might be the case?

    (And no, USB debugging is not enabled)

    • Axecaster says:

      Which version YouTube app?

      • Tim says:

        I am not at home currently to confirm the version number, but it is the stock YouTube app that can be loaded from the “Apps” section on the AFTV 2 home screen. I have confirmed as of last night that the app is up to date as per the releases for the AFTV 2.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I think it has to do with the fact that the YouTube app doesn’t use the standard Fire TV on screen keyboard. It’s not just your or this keyboard.

      • hiavatch says:

        Great site, I check it almost every day. Do you have an article about how to efficiently/pleasantly browse using firetv? Sideloading a browser is easy, scrolling and maneuvering around web pages is the tricky bit.

    • Deej says:

      You can try sideloading the Play Store version of Youtube (or installing if you have the Play Store on your AFTV):


      Both versions can exist side-by-side, and this one works fine with the keyboard – except I remember it losing search results when exiting a video. I had better luck using “suggested” during video playback of a result.

  4. MJ says:

    Great keyboard for the price! I use it with my Dell 15R laptop connected to a HDTV. Excellent range (~50′-60′) if the Unifying RF receiver is used with an extender cable. Double what Bluetooth can do. The K400R is the media version of the K400. Extremely efficient power usage. Batteries last for months. The downside is that Logitech’s Unifying technology is proprietary, and they do not manufacture any other devices (other than a Unifying mouse) that can connect to the receiver even though they designed the receiver to handle up to 6 Unifying devices. Another downside when using any wireless keyboard/pad with the AFTV box or stick is that the keypad’s functionality is limited to the keystroke functionality found for the AFTV remote; the translation of which occurs through the installed keymap file. A common setup complaint for this keyboard is the hypersensitivity of the “tap to select” feature for the keypad. The solution is to defeat this feature by keying Function Select after your RF connection has been enabled. Remains enabled until keyboard switch is turned off.

  5. vulcan195 says:

    I have this KBD – and here is the cheap passive hub I am using it with …


  6. Smokey says:

    I believe voice input can be achieved by (long) pressing the windows key. That’s what brings up voice search on my nexus player.. Not that the mic on the remote works.. But that is another story..

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