Logitech K400 Keyboard w/ Touchpad on sale for $16.97 — New Lowest Price Ever

The Logitech K400 Keyboard w/ Touchpad is $16.97 at Walmart. That is the lowest price that I’ve ever seen for this keyboard. This is the older version of the K400, which has since been replaced by the newer K400 Plus. However, I personally prefer this older version due to it having full-sized arrow buttons. All versions of Logitech’s K400 line of keyboards are great for use with Fire TV devices since they are compact enough to fit nicely on your lap but not so small that you can’t touch type. This is not a Bluetooth keyboard and instead uses a wireless USB dongle to connect. That means it will work with the Fire TV 1 and 2 out of the box but needs an OTG cable to work with the Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2.

  1. HeyRadar says:

    Having owned a laptop with a keyboard that put the up arrow between the ? and right-shift.. I’ll pay more for the newer model. That defect with the right shift, on the old model, cannot be compensated for.

  2. Daniel says:

    I cannot comprehend why everyone still follows Apple and has half-sized arrow keys. It makes them very awkward to use…

  3. Rick says:

    I bought this keyboard today and I can’t get a connection notification. Shouldn’t it confirm the device like it does with the RF remote?

    Here’s my info:
    Fire TV 2
    Fire OS (587444320)
    Fire TV Home Version

  4. Rick says:

    Answer: No it does not give any indication that a new input device has appeared; it simply starts working.

    I’m guilty of not testing the operation because it didn’t acknowledge the new device.

    So….. nevermind.

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