Logitech Harmony Smart Remote w/ Hub on sale for $69.99 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]


The Logitech Harmony Remote w/ Smart Hub just went on sale for $69.99. This matches the lowest price this remote has ever been, which was during this past Cyber Monday. Harmony remotes are among the few universal remotes that can control the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The included hub connects to the Fire TV via bluetooth and the remote relays button press through the hub to the Fire TV. The remote connects via RF, so you still don’t have to physically point the remote anywhere, just like with the Fire TV default remote. Additionally, Harmony created a pair of Alexa Skills, so you can have limited control of your TV with your voice through an Alexa-enabled device.

  1. ChrisBC says:

    I got this the last time it went on sale, & am very happy with it.
    Handles Kodi chores too

  2. Don Black says:

    This is only the remote not the hub included.

    • ChrisBC says:


      Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360

  3. Joe says:

    Would have been great if this remote had a full keyborad (on reverse side) and mouse/touchpad capability

  4. HeyNow says:

    I don’t see the point in this. My fire tv remote works just fine controlling the fire tv and kodi.

    • ChrisBC says:

      My hub does all of that, plus turns on the TV, AVR, sets the input and controls the volume all off one remote. But if you wouldn’t find that convenient, then it is probably not for you.

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        Not to mention you can tell your Echo or Echo Dot to “Turn on TV”, or “Turn on Fire TV” which would then turn on your TV, switch to the proper input and away you go! I absolutely love my Harmony Hub, just need to find one of the more “expensive” remotes so that I can program more than 8 devices.

  5. S says:

    I bought it last time mainly for the hub, to use with Alexa when I’m working in the kitchen but watching the TV in the connected living room. Alexa turns on/off all my devices, changes volume/channel, and even some basic pause/play/skip forward functions of my DirecTV HR. I’m surprised by how much i use it. The included remote control itself is fairly useless to me though and is in a drawer now.

  6. Masterblaster says:

    Sale’s over

  7. Lisa says:

    Is that the right link? That link goes to a “remote only” product, and the price is not $69.99.

    • ChrisBC says:

      It was $69 yesterday, when the sale was in effect. And no, if you read thru the description it mentions that “the included hub” is indeed, er..included.

  8. Bob C. says:

    In case you don’t need the voice control, have an older Harmony remote(even the original Harmony One) that wont work with the Fire TV, and you don’t want to invest in a new one with hub, your older IR remote can be made to control the Fire TV and even the newer V2 of the Fire TV stick with a Flirc USB (about $23.00) and a Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power ($2 -6$ depending on shipping).

  9. MickeyJ says:

    Thank you for listing this remote. I got one from Best Buy and it was only on sale for one day. Your site really keeps me informed technical wise and on great bargains such as this one.

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