Logitech Harmony Smart Remote w/ Hub back on sale for $69.99 [Expired]


The Logitech Harmony Remote w/ Smart Hub is back on sale on Amazon for $69.99. This matches the lowest price this remote has ever been. Harmony remotes are among the few universal remotes that can control the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The included hub connects to the Fire TV via bluetooth and the remote relays button presses through the hub to the Fire TV. The remote connects via RF, so you still don’t have to physically point the remote anywhere, just like with the Fire TV default remote. Additionally, Harmony created a pair of Alexa Skills, so you can have control of your TV with your voice through an Alexa-enabled device.

  1. John says:

    It looks like it’s only the remote. Not the smart hub.

  2. Kevin W says:

    Pretty good deal. Too bad you can only control one Harmony Hub with the skill. And of course the one television I want to control (Activity: Watch Fire TV = TV On, Receiver On,Select HDMI Ouptut 4) doesn’t consistently control the TV. It’s the IR signal that flakes out I think. I’ve placed the eye in all sorts of location. It’s about 50-50 that the activity is going to work as mapped. If you have a newer set of kit, then it probably is more robust. My television is going on 10 year old at this point. I will say the SideClick works great while in front of the TV.

  3. Alma Hix says:

    I’m told that it isn’t available for delivery until July 20. But it is worth the wait.

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