Logitech F710 Gamepad on sale for $29.99, regularly $50 [Expired]

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal of the day is up to 60% off a slew of Logitech products. Unfortunately, the universaly loved K400 keyboard is not among the included products, but what is included is the Logitech F710 Gamepad. This gamepad normally sells for $50 but is on sale for $29.99 today only on Amazon. That’s the lowest price this controller has ever been. With the official Amazon Fire Game Controller backordered for at least 2 months, the Logitech F710 is a great alternative. The Logitech F710 is not bluetooth based, and instead uses a wireless USB dongle, so it is not compatible with the Fire TV Stick. It is only compatible with the Fire TV. It has a 4 out of 5 star rating with over 600 reviews. This sale price is only good for today, so act fast. XDA forum member jdoupe has written a great Fire TV specific review where he calls this controller “the goldilocks controller” and recommends it over both the Playstation and Xbox 360 controllers. Read on for his full review.

jdoupe’s Review:

I have tried three controllers so far. The Playstation DS4, Xbox 360, and Logitech F710. I recommend the Logitech F710, and here’s why:

I have tried two separate DS4 controllers with moderate success. The DS4 did not play nice with any games designed for xinput. If you’re looking for an emulator controller (direct input) then the DS4 is a great choice, but I did not have much success with modern games. I played Modern Combat 4, but I could not crouch. Many other games would not recognize the d-pad/analog.

I then tried the Xbox 360 for windows (xinput). It connected perfectly and worked with all app store games I tested. This is not a good emulator controller unless of course you want to remap the buttons for each game on the *kl* file. I love the 360 controller and I think it’s the most comfortable design ever made. HOWEVER, the USB dongle will not load microsoft drivers to the android fire TV. Weird right This makes the controller search and search for a “link” even though it’s already connected. The four LED lights will continually blink! Also, besides disconnecting the battery, I cannot find a way to turn the controller OFF. Lastly, the 360 analog has zero deadzone and you cannot calibrate the controller on the fire tv. As such, you may notice random movements in your FPS. It’s a no go for me.

I then tried the Logitech F710. The goldie locks controller! The F710 has a switch on the controller to change between direct input and xinput. Furthermore, it has a ‘mode’ button that will swap the d-pad input with the left analog input. This is surprisingly useful.

PROS of Logitech F710:
–Nice weight
–Versatility of dinput and xinput
–Analog deadzone. Yes, this belongs in PROS because the controller will not require any calibration.

CONS of Logitech F710:
–A bit small.
–Some controllers have a hardware defect and loose the connection. This happened with my first F710, which I returned. My new F710 works great. The controller has two manufacture numbers (C-U0003 and G-R0001). The two I had were both G-R0001, one works and one doesn’t. Luck of the draw I guess. I have no experience with the C-U0003.

If anyone buys the Logitech F710. I would suggest you download the game M.A.C.E., and play for at least an hour. This game requires constant analog input and you’ll quickly learn whether you’re F710 is a dud or a winner. I’m very happy with mine.

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  1. aleaddict says:

    I love the F710 and it works great on the fire tv; however, the right joystick isn’t mapped correctly. If you aren’t rooted, you’re stuck with its mapping and games such as Oddworld: Stranger’s Path are hard to play because you can’t change the camera angle. But emulation works perfect with this controller because all the emulators I run have built-in mapping. Due to the unrooted status of my fire tv, it’s not the cat’s meow for me but I highly recommend it for emulation or use as a 2nd controller.

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