Local movie search via Alexa coming to the Fire TV


Along with the announcement of the new ability to launch apps and videos with Alexa, Amazon has revealed that the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will gain the ability to search for local movies and show times using Alexa. Other Alexa devices, like the Amazon Echo, gained this feature at the beginning of the year, but now it will finally come to Fire TV devices. Fire TV owners will soon be able to say “Alexa, what movies are playing?” and Alexa will use the device’s zip code setting to locate nearby theaters and read off local movie titles. To hear show times, you’ll be able to say “what time is [movie title] playing?” and other similar phrases.

Amazon also mentioned that Fire TV owners can search for local businesses with Alexa and have Alexa read Kindle e-books, but those features have actually been available to Fire TV owners for some time now. A timeframe other than “in the coming weeks” hasn’t been revealed for when the local movie search feature will arrive. It’s likely the feature will be added in the next software update.

  1. Edgar R. says:

    Read the headline and thought you meant local movies on my local network. I got so excited haha.

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