List of Fire TV’s Alexa Voice Remote Pro App Shortcut Buttons by Country

Love them or hate them, app shortcut buttons at the bottom of Fire TV remotes are here to stay. Even the premium Alexa Voice Remote Pro announced this week has four of them along the bottom. While it’s safe to say that the first two app shortcut buttons will always be for Prime Video and Netflix, the other two buttons will likely change over time as different streaming services gain in popularity. These buttons also differ from country to country, depending on where the remote is purchased, so here is a list of which app buttons each country will have on its premium Fire TV remote.

The list below is the most probable app buttons for each country at this time. The list is based primarily on product and press photos that have appeared in each region. That said, there’s no guarantee these are the buttons that will be on the remotes for a particular country when the remote launches in a few months.

As of today, my app shortcut button remapper continues to work on all Fire TV remotes with app buttons, despite Amazon already trying once to thwart its use, although the initial setup process is a bit cumbersome now. I expect my remapper method will also work with the premium remote as well, so you should be able to remap the app shortcut buttons if you don’t use the ones on the remote in your particular country.

 Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4
AustraliaPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
AustriaPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
BrazilNot Sold Here
CanadaPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
FrancePrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
GermanyPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
IndiaPrime VideoNetflixAppsAmazon Music
ItalyPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
JapanPrime VideoNetflixABEMAAmazon Music
MexicoPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
NetherlandsNot Sold Here
PolandNot Sold Here
SpainPrime VideoNetflixDisney+Amazon Music
SwedenNot Sold Here
U.K.Prime VideoNetflixDisney+ or Apps*Amazon Music
U.S.Prime VideoNetflixDisney+Hulu

*There are two variants of the U.K. remote. One with a Disney+ button and one with an Apps button. The other three are Prime Video, Netflix, and Amazon Music.

One comment
  1. Arno says:

    just a short comment from the Netherlands… Amazon now does sell fire tv remotes, along with Fire TV’s, but they are international versions. Button layout is different from the others, as you can see on the site:

    Just to be a bit more informative:
    Button 1 (top left): Prime Video
    Button 2 (top right): Netflix
    Button 3 (bottom left): shortcut to apps
    Button 4 (bottom right): Internet (browser)

    This is possibly the most useful default assignment of buttons :)

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