List of Apps you can Sideload onto the Amazon Fire TV

sideload-fire-tvThere are currently 330 apps and games released for the Fire TV. With more being added everyday, there certainly isn’t a shortage of apps to try. But if you’re like us and just can’t get enough of apps to try, here is a list of compatible apps you can sideload on your Amazon Fire TV. If you’re new to sideloading apps, be sure to see our guide on how to download and sideload these apps.


The below apps work, but may have some limitations.

  • 3CX DroidDesktop – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer.
  • Accuweather – Requires mouse/air mouse.
  • Airdroid – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer.
  • AirReceiver(Pro) – Works with remote but seems to stutter and freeze a bit.
  • AndroIRC – Requires Keyboard.
  • BaconReader – Requires mouse / air mouse.
  • Charter TV – Requires mouse and charter service. Side-scrolling lists crashes the app.
  • Classic Words – Confirmed working with a mouse. Not tested with a controller. Might work with a controller.
  • Clean Master – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer and a mouse/air mouse. Occasionally crashes.
  • CNN – Works with mouse. Live CNN & HLN works with select service provider accounts.
  • Dish Anywhere – Requires mouse / air mouse.
  • Encore Play – Works. Requires mouse.
  • Epix – Works. Requires mouse.
  • Facebook – Requires mouse/air mouse to post status update.
  • Foozle – Requires mouse / air mouse.
  • Google Earth – Requires mouse / air mouse.
  • HDHomeRun – Requires Mouse keyboard and video is choppy.
  • HBO Go – Requires mouse / air mouse.
  • HSdroid – Looks perfect, kinda need mouse for ease of use. Streams load and play in HD, logging in works fine.
  • Kainy – It seems to work ok after you get everything setup with a mouse that you need to. Games seem somewhat playable, a bit laggy but that could be because my internet connection is not the fastest. – Can others test?
  • Kindle – Works with keyboard/mouse. In-app store inaccessible. Must use a browser to add content through amazon.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop – Works. Requires mouse and only displays at 1080p.
  • NBC Live Extra – Works with orientation manager and mouse. Clunky interface, but streams hockey games.
  • Orientation Manager – Works if you have a touchpad device or a mouse.
  • Pocket Casts – Requires Keyboard and mouse / air mouse.
  • Police Scanner Radio Scanner – Works with orientation manager.
  • PopCat – Requires Screen Orientation change and a mouse/airmouse.
  • PPB Kids Play and Learn – Requires Mouse/Air mouse.
  • RE-VOLT 2 : Best RC 3D Racing – Works with the 360 controller but requires a mouse for the menu.
  • Rhapsody – Requires mouse.air mouse and keyboard.
  • Retro Game Boy and Advance – Requires mouse / air mouse to select the rom.
  • Rotation Manager – Works great. Requires Mouse/Airmouse.
  • Simple TV – Works, but a keyboard/mouse is needed.
  • SiriusXM – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer.
  • Snappea – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer. Requires WIFI. If connected VIA ethernet, it will not work.
  • Speedtest – Requires orientation changer and mouse.
  • Slacker Radio – Requires an orientation changer.
  • Spotify – Works, but requires an screen orientation changer.
  • Starz Play – Works. Requires mouse.
  • Terminal Emulator – Works, but needed keyboard to work well.
  • TNT – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer.
  • Tower Defense – Requires Mouse/Air Mouse.
  • Tumblr – Requires keyboard and mouse / air mouse.
  • TWC TV – Works but requires a mouse/air mouse, an orientation changer, and you have to turn ADB Debugging off.
  • Twitter – Requires keyboard and mouse / air mouse.
  • Ultimate Rotation Control – Gives a “Can’t retrieve content” error. Requires mouse / air mouse.
  • U-Verse – Works if you can get past the first screen.
  • WatchESPN – Requires Keyboard/mouse/air mouse.
  • Wifi Analyzer – Works with mouse.
  • Yahoo Mail – Works, but requires a screen orientation changer and mouse/air mouse.
  • YouTube for TV – Can view videos but can’t login to your account.
  • XFINITY TV Go – Works but requires mouse and keyboard.


  1. lee p says:

    also, the Verizon fios app works great but you need to use a mouse.

  2. Heisenberg says:

    I would like to sideload Spotify on my unrooted AFTV. What does this mean: “requires an screen orientation changer” and how do I manage it?

    Mr. White

  3. Matt says:

    Why not post URL links to the actual APK files and not to the Google Play Store? Not everyone owns a compatible Android device.

  4. Dennisnuel says:

    If you want to use Reddit. Diode works great on fire stick.

  5. Matt says:

    How are people using a “Mouse/Air Mouse” with the Fire Stick?
    The only Bluetooth devices that seem to pair are game controllers, and only very specific brands.

  6. Amarnadh says:

    I am looking for a link to download spark apk to mirror my browser on fire tv stick. Can anyone please provide a link to download it?

  7. MX Player user says:

    I question the inclusion of MX Player. The apk from the Playstore, downloaded through and loaded via ES File Manager, will install but upon first run exits with a message about not being the right version of Android. The pro version (downloaded *ahem* elsewhere to test) also exits with a message about not being able to confirm the App’s purchase.

    I think MX Player would be good, and want to load it on my Amazon Fire Stick, but it doesn’t seem possible.

  8. dRamafever says:

    How were you able to make DramaFever work when it’s not officially supported (so remote is almost useless)? Sure you can load it & get the 1st episode of the series to play once you’ve searched for it, but what about other episodes since they’re invisible? You’re stuck at the 1st episode, so what’s the trick? At least, that’s my experience with the Stick.

  9. ray says:

    What you need to do is go on eBay and buy a cheap mini bluetooth keyboard. Get the one with the mini touchpad on the right. I picked mine up for $20 shipped. Then download the settings.apk file. Side load it. Once you get settings.apk installed you can pair the keyboard. It works perfect. All buttons work, touchpad works 100%. Even works in KODI/XBMC 100%. I turn mine on only when I need to enter a search or code. I have also seen people get the mini keyboards with the usb dongle. But I chose not to get that.

  10. Gordon says:

    For the record I tried to sideload Google Play Movies onto the Fire TV but it simply flashes up as it gets launched and disappears …. assume it doesnt work .. :(

    Great guide ..thank you..

  11. john faber says:

    I downloaded and installed the screen rotation app above but I still cannot control SIRIUS XM app. I do not get to view the entire screen,the left side disappears. I am not sure what to do. Thanks

  12. john faber says:

    The Remote Mouse for Fire TV does not work, but the wireless keyboard from Logitech does! I am working now.

  13. Yadev says:

    Any way to sideload iptv emulator. Thanks

  14. John says:

    MX Player – (Pro) – Both versions work great.

    And how exactly are you going to install MX Player Pro and actually use it without license verification?

  15. jay s says:

    Es file explorer (from amazon appstore on PHONE, will show up on home, get familiar with its cloud feature can use google grive dropbox onedrive etc)
    Memory cleaner pro (aptoide)
    Kk cleaner (playstore or aptoide lowest mb cleaner, need mouse)
    Pearlgmail (if you can find it best and lowest mb gmail app)
    Private browser (lowest mb google aptoide search scroll after it says maybe in other stores 5 th app grey globe with lines 1.05)
    Llama (make another app launch another app so u can see it on home
    Fired tv launcher
    Squarehome tablet (launcher just need mouse to setup then all good NYKO ANDROID CONTROLLER, need settings app to turn on bluetooth)
    Fireinstaller (playstore from phone sideload apps)
    Wukong remote (playstore quick launch fire tv apps also csn take screenshots)
    Music pump xbmc remote (playstore launch xbmc favorites also can share video to xbmc)
    Batman and robin (amazon appstore from phone works with controller)
    Symphony of eternity (playstore works with controller)
    Battle camp (amazon appstore from phone needs mouse , pokemon bejewled, candy crush style game)
    Superretro16 (superlegacy version 1.6.0 ( do not update)
    Epsxe (Great Final fantasy tactics hack journey of the 5 you can play for hours)
    Nes.emu, md.emu, gbc.emu, gba.emu
    Happychick emulator (use for ds but has everything and rom downloader)

  16. Little_chilli says:

    I sideloaded Settings.apk to fire tv stix and managed to pair a bluetooth device initially. But now when I click on Bluetooth it just crashes. I uninstalled and installed again. I tried another source for the file. I rebooted everything a million times. Please help! :)

    • jay s says:

      Im trying to think of an easy way to send you the apk if you can send ur gmail i can email it ,, if you know an easier way let me know

  17. Joe says:

    Has anyone attempted to sideload the NCAA app (NCAA March Madness Live)?

  18. Jack Pottinger says:

    How did you get retroarch working with 360 controller? Seems to work fine in the menus but not in games.

  19. Mike says:

    I cant get passed the chrome browser license agreement. Help! Anybody know how to do this?

  20. mcmed says:

    Hi everyone!

    I really want to install a football or soccer game on my fire tv (preferably fifa). I tried to sideload it, but fifa (12,15) won’t open.

    Do I have to root the fire tv for my purpose?

    Can anyone help, please?

  21. HeyRadar says:

    I was able to install the CBS app, and sign into my CBS account. I also was able to navigate, but I wasn’t able to click on any videos to play.

    I don’t have a compatible mouse, to test at this time. When I get one I’ll provide an update.

    I want to get this working, so I can use my CBS All Access account.

  22. Robert says:

    I sideloaded verizon fios app but when I try to log in a pop up come on the screen saying “unsupported browser link. Fire tv stick does not open browser links” what am I doing wrong??

  23. DJ1 says:

    What version of the FIOS app works on Fire TV. Can someone post plz.

  24. Rob says:

    How can I watch wss (world sports streams) app on fire stick? I have wss, mx player and xmtv player installed. Not working though. Any advice would be great fully received!

  25. Jennifer says:

    2 questions. 1st one- I have the HGTV add on. Well there are episodes in this app, but they are from 2013 and in HD. Why? Is there a way to update this? Also, I have Kodi, and was told my stick is set to update automatically. I am suppose to have it all. I see hgtv stuff on the regular stuff under tv shows, not in the add on, it’s up to date, right up to the most recent episode.but I can’t warch any of them. None pull up. Next question- is there a way for me to watch CNN? I see it in my live tv channels, but get a something stalker error. Is there an add on I could download to fix these situations? Can post pics if need be. Thank you.

  26. Mirul says:

    Any malaysian tv channels apps (astro tv) can be download into aftv?

  27. Constable Odo says:

    Add HDHomeRun View app on first generation Amazon Fire Stick. I have a newer HDHomeRun EXTEND DLNA device with 5.0 GHz wireless n. Standard Fire Stick Remote does it all. I side-loaded the HDHomeRun app from my LG smartphone using FireInstall app. It works perfectly with no buffering problems. I have a OTA roof-mounted antenna in NYC and HDHomeRun shows 78 channels comprised of video and audio channels with very strong signals.

    I side-loaded the Google Play HDHomeRun app because Amazon’s site indicated that app wasn’t compatible with my Fire Stick. I figured it should work because the HDHomeRun Kodi plug-in I had installed on the Fire Stick earlier worked perfectly.

    PS. You have good site for checking which apps work with Fire TV. Thanks for your efforts.

  28. Jack says:

    IP-camera sofa-sex on firefox + chrome: has login admin1 password: 123 on port 80 enjoy!!!

  29. Mike says:

    IP-camera sofa on firefox + chrome: login admin1 password: 123 enjoy!!!

  30. Tom says:

    hot house-IP-camera admin1 pass: 123

  31. Dolanm56 says:

    MX Player doesn’t seem to work on I can’t get it to install, any suggestions on how to get mx player on the aftv ?

  32. spook says:

    The version of Netflix listed here locks up my FTV2 box. The other version ( ) works perfectly here.

  33. Stephen says:

    XMeye works great on my devices . For viewing my cctv cameras .
    Mouse needed

  34. ano says:

    please help, I like to use mx player on firestick, anyone who got it work help me with this. what version of mx player support this. How can I play movie?. can I play movies on fire stick memory.

  35. Jae Lee says:


    After installing team viewer quick support on my firestick tv,
    I can transfer files but it seem it need to be rooted for remote control, would that be correct?


  36. Tom Castano says:

    Vudu works great, although you cannot purchase through the app. There are numerous youtube videos showing you where to find the .apk

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