Lifetime, A&E, and History Channel now on the Amazon Fire TV


Lifetime, A&E, and History Channel apps have just been made compatible with the Amazon Fire TV. All three cable TV channels are owned by the same company, so it’s no surprise all three apps would be released together. Likewise, the apps share nearly identical layouts.

The apps all have three main areas: Featured, a video section, and Settings. The Featured section highlights popular content. The videos area in the History app is divided into History videos and H2 (the History channel’s sister station) videos, while the Lifetime app divides videos into Movies and Shows. The Settings section is primarily for modifying closed caption options.

The content within the apps consists of either Full Episodes or Clips which are typically around 2 minutes in length. Clips can be watched for free while most, but not all, full episodes require you to activate the app with your cable provider. Notably missing from the list of participating cable providers is: AT&T U-Verse, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Direct TV, Dish Network, and Verizon FIOS. All three apps have 30 to 60 second commercials which play before and during full episodes.

  1. saudagar says:

    I dont see these apps available under app section of ftv.. The links above dont work.

  2. Stanley at home says:

    Yeah they are gone. I actually grabbed them when released and they didn’t work for me.

  3. Cosmo says:

    Ah, no wonder! After seeing this headline yesterday I searched in vain for these apps and drew a blank. This explains it. Jeez, I hope these apps were just temporarily pulled to hammer out a few last minute kinks. They’d be a nice addition to Fire’s app lineup.

  4. Nu says:

    my fire ty downloaded them yesterday..but all i can access are years old reruns

  5. Jeri says:

    I just pulled up History Channel App for Fire TV and it first came up with the Amazon page with the app on it as a Free Download, Trying to figure out if there is a monthly charge for the app and if it does indeed work on the Amazon Fire TV.

  6. Patrice Smith says:

    i have att uverse and when i first downloaded the app i was able to watch full episodes n all of the shows. now most of them will only allow me to watch clips!! HELP!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Why can’t I go on my smart phone or iPhone and activate any apps for my firetv?? I could always do it before now I have to leave the living room run upstairs to the PC and go into the computer and put all the information and write it down( activation code) and finLy get it opened and now run back downstairs to my grandkids! Inconvenient I say, yes I say inconvenient!

  8. Charles McDonald says:

    So I have Comcast and I can’t watch my favorite programs. May I purchase an app for my favorite programs. My wife says throw fire stick into garbage,can I get any help.

  9. Christian gadbois says:

    The history channel app does not work on Amazon Fire Stick. I install the app and it loads to the app. The moment I sign in using my cable provider (Cableone), the app just loads and exits, loads and exits; putting my firestick in an endless loop of the same thing.

  10. Robert Ortiz says:

    Your lifetime setup for Amazon Fire sucks ,can’t get in

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