Last day to buy the Fire TV 2 on sale for $84.99 [Expired]


Today is the last day that you’ll be able to buy the Amazon Fire TV 2 on sale for $84.99. The sale will end at midnight tonight. Also on sale is the Fire TV 2 Gaming Edition for $124.99 and the Fire TV 2 HD Antenna bundle for $94.99. Those prices will also go back up later tonight.

All Fire TV 2’s shipping from Amazon are still rootable, but that won’t be the case for long, so this may be your last opportunity to buy a rootable Fire TV 2 at a discounted price. If you purchase a Fire TV 2 with the intention to root it, be sure to follow my guide on completing the initial setup without updating so that you can use the easier KingRoot rooting method. Even if the device updates or arrives with software version, you can still root it using the USB cable method. Rooting is the only way to bypass the app blacklist, which is the best way to continue using FireStarter.

  1. Christopher Loughrey says:

    LOL You made an excellent sales pitch for the Amazon Fire TV, better than any million dollar ad could do. Amazon should give you some commission! you had me buying two of them!

    • AFTVnews says:

      I participate in Amazon’s affiliate program, so when you or anyone makes a purchase after clicking through to Amazon from my site, I get a small kick back. Visitors buy something they probably would have bought anyway, and I can justify to my wife all the time I put into this site, so it’s a win-win. Thanks for supporting me and my family with your purchase!

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        I didn’t realise that, if I had I’d make sure and always click through your site. I will keep that in mind for future purchases. I’m always buying from Amazon in general so I will make sure to stop by here whenever I do. You easily deserve rewards for all the time and effort you put into this site.

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