Kodi and sideloaded apps are fully compatible with the new Fire TV interface

There has been a bit of false information and confusion circulating regarding sideloaded apps, like Kodi, on the new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick interface brought on by the software update. First and foremost, you can still sideload 3rd party apps on the new version/interface just as easily as you’ve always been able to. Second, you can still launch sideloaded apps, including Kodi, from the Fire TV home screen. This includes both the “RECENT” section and the “YOUR APPS & GAMES” section. If you can’t figure out how to do this, here is what you need to know.

For those wondering, the new Fire TV update/interface still has the option to enable ADB debugging and it still has the option to turn on Apps from Unknown Sources. The options have not been hidden. They are now located in the new “Device” menu of the settings section.

The main reason some people are unable to find their sideloaded apps in the new interface is because, by default, they are listed at the very end of your app list. The “Your Apps & Games” section of the new Fire TV interface lists all of your purchased/cloud apps first before it lists your sideloaded apps. So if you’ve installed and/or purchased dozens or hundreds of apps from Amazon, you have to scroll past the entire list before getting to your sideloaded apps.

The good news is your apps list is fully customizable, meaning you can manually arrange the list exactly how you’d like. Just highlight any app and press the menu button on your remote. A set of options will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you select “Move to front,” the app will placed at the front of the list, where it will stay forever until you select to move another app to the front. This works for official apps and sideloaded apps.

The first 10 apps on your list of apps will be accessible directly from the Fire TV home screen. Again, this works for both official and sideloaded apps. If you’re still having trouble getting Kodi or other sideloaded apps from appearing on the home screen, see this guide for help.

  1. Gareth Price says:

    Great news, and I’m looking this interface more and more.

    NOW…. If they could just bring in a grid interface for the Music App…..

    Pretty Please Amazon (we know you read this site :D)

  2. Gareth Price says:

    Any chance of an EDIT function Elias?!

  3. ChrisBC says:

    All I can tell you is that I spent the entire weekend trying to get SPMC (Kodi fork)to work under this newest update. I have been using it for months daily without any issue, after this latest FW update, either it won’t boot at all (black screen), or it would open, then when I scan all my media to it, the next time I would use it, the scanned folder that were there before have disappeared. I use 4 different versions of it (all clean installs)including the one I had been using on the earlier Fire OS. None of them will work now.

  4. Dnz says:

    What did you do to make the icons centered in the middle of the placeholder, mines are totally displaced (only sideloaded APKs.)

    • AFTVnews says:

      Hmm, not sure what you’re talking about. I sideloaded the latest stable (non-beat) Kodi using Downloader and it looks like you see above. I didn’t have displaced icons.

  5. Shav Talek says:


    Has anyone been successfully able to setup Amazon Echo to control Kodi. There are detailed articles/blogs from sites such how-to-geek etc. but they seem to be still missing some key components. A post from AFTVnews to the effect would be most helpful, as I come here for almost all things AFTV related and your step by step guides are the BEST.


    • Troks says:

      I followed the directions from How2Geek except for using DynDns (My IP is static). To work I had to disable my router’s SPI firewall.

      • Shav Talek says:

        I ran into errors running python script suggesting that region variable is not set. I have looked everywhere with no success.

  6. Troks says:

    Were you able to access the system resource app? The one that showed apps network bandwidth, cpu usage….

  7. Derrick says:

    Kodi is one of the few reasons i’d go with a Fire TV over a comparable Roku device. I think it’d be stupid to get rid of it.

  8. Billy says:

    Can you write a section about the micro sd card? Are we ablr to move more apps over to the card. I have a 128gb card and am only using a few gb from the moved over apps and my internal memory is at 800mb. I would like to be able to shift more over or use the sd card memory combined with the internal.
    Also if they do combine it, will my pc be able to read it? I had problems with that when i tried it once on my samsung gs5. Had to go back to internal and external sd card memory. Thanks!

  9. Neogeo71 says:

    strange that it displays the icon ratio correct in the app section but blows it up ugly for the recent section. Want a way to edit my own custom images in there for sideloaded apps.

  10. Neogeo71 says:

    I noticed the sideliaded apps don’t rotate to the front in the recent section, the slip farther back with each app you use. Downloaded apps from Amazon just rotate out as you use them. Any work around?

  11. MarcoR says:

    Not every app works, crunchyroll for example does not

  12. Brian says:

    Amazon has to be losing a ton of money from sales in their app store because Kodi and side loading. I’m surprised and delighted they haven’t stopped this. Although stopping side loading would hurt the device sales.

  13. k says:

    Kodi doesn’t show up on “RECENT” or “YOUR APPS & GAMES” on my FireTV. Anybody has the same problem? Any ideas? I have to launch Kodi from Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications.

    • ChrisBC says:

      I had the same issue at first, but after using Kodi the first time, it was then showing in recents and under Apps & Games, but you have to expand to see them all to find it there.

    • J says:

      I am having the same issue.

      I have the new OS on another Fire TV device and Kodi appears in the Your Apps & Games section as well as Recent after it is run a few times.

      This new Fire stick is running the same latest OS but I cannot get it to appear. I did install it via Apps2Fire app on android instead of through ES File Explorer & Dropbox as in the past, maybe that had some affect on it?

      I even uninstalled Kodi from the Fire Stick then went back in to Downloads on the Fire OS folders and reinstalled it and it just will not come up in Your Apps & Games nor in Recent… very strange. Wondering if its something to do with Kodi 17 RC2. I just cant get this version to appear in my apps list, however you can open it manually by going through the settings, manage applications and run it from there.

  14. J says:

    I finally figured it out. I had to go into settings, manage applications, Amazon Appstore and Clear Cache & Data. Then I restarted the Firestick… then Kodi showed up in apps and I was able to move it to the top.

    Thank you K for posting that up.

  15. Sharon says:

    I’ve been trying download kodi here and es. From here it says I’m not connected es can’t find the page. Any suggestions?

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