Kodi addon developers quit after coordinated legal threats from Hollywood Studios

Popular piracy-linked Kodi repositories and addons Colossus, Covenant, Ares Wizard, URLResolver, and MetaHandler have been taken down or abandoned by their developers as a result of what appears to be a coordinated effort by an anti-piracy alliance composed of major United States film studios. Developers jsergio123, The_Alpha, and possibly others have called it quits after The_Alpha reportedly received a hand-delivered letter to their UK home threatening legal actions.

The letter, addressed by “companies of the six-major United States film studios represented by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), namely Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Disney Enterprises, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal City Studios LLLP and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Netflix, Inc. and Amazon Studios LLC (represented by MPA via the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE)), Sky UK Limited, and The Football Association Premier League Limited,” identifies the developers as being involved in the upkeep of the aforementioned third-party Kodi repositories and addons.

By going after developers of underlying tools like URLResolver and MetaHandler, it suggests that the MPA-led anti-piracy alliance has a strong understanding of how the Kodi piracy addon epidemic works. Instead of just going after main addons like Covenant, which provide the front-end for illegal streaming, or main repositories like Colossus, which serve up the addons, they’re going after back-end components that the main addons rely on to function.

This isn’t the first crackdown directed at Kodi-related piracy and it likely won’t be the last.

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  1. clocks says:

    I wonder what the end game is, to slow piracy or stop it. In the digital age, I really don’t see an end to piracy, as it just seems like something new will always popup.

    I suspect they need to make the movie/shows cheaper to rent/own, similar to what iTunes did for music. That’s not what Hollywood wants to hear, but I think that is the only way they will ever stop piracy.

    • Wymers24 says:

      I think and I hope the Hollywood industry will take a big hit in the next 20 years. Especially with the rise of Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, these money hungry jerks will have to aggressively adjust to the changing industry. Not saying Piracy is good, but these companies don’t deserve our money. It’s already been shown in the gaming industry that Indie games are hurting the major developers, I expect to see the same thing happen in Hollywood. We’re hitting an era where everyone has the tools to create professional videos. I’d much rather spend my $10 towards companies like aftvnews.

      • clocks says:

        I really want to see Hollywood, ESPN, the various sports associations, etc. taken down a notch. They are filled with spoiled, narcissistic prima donnas living in a bubble that for some reason feel the need to lecture people on how they should feel, how they should vote, etc..

        It’s been years since I have gone to the movie theaters or sports event because I don’t want these people to get anymore of my money than they already do.

    • Cruton says:

      It has and always will be a cat and mouse game. This is nothing new… lol same very thing happened to some older kodi addon devs years ago.

    • Charles says:

      Comcast is going out in a second. They only thing people will be getting from them is the internet, soon everyone will go to fire sticks.trust me.

      • clocks says:

        I think you under estimate how many old people are out there. I could only imagine trying to teach my parents how to stream everything.

        And trust me, once internet is the only thing Comcast is selling, we will be paying $100+ for it.

        • Steve T says:

          On the other hand, between Netflix, Hulu live, sling and YouTube TV, the big cable companies such as Comcast will hopefully be forced by that market to lower their prices.

          • Carl says:

            You definitely right especially comcast and a lot of these other cable companies buying up other cable companies to corner the market. Comcast doesn’t take on charges but pass them on to the consumers even the fcc charges. Also chargers that they’re being charged to cast sport networks it’s crazy between the instrument.

        • Hamza Benamar says:

          I already pay Comcast $88 just for internet, 200/10. Only option I have.

        • Johnna Wentzel says:

          I am one of the ‘old’ people u refer to & I stream my content! Learned to put the add one in & all too. Just cuz we r old, doesn’t mean we’re STUPID

          • clocks says:

            My parents are almost 80. There is no frigging way they will move to streaming everything. But good to hear you are doing well.

        • Marko Bravo says:

          My grandparents stream from a fire stick and they tought them selfs they don t like the high prices of the cable companies. And they don’t speak English at all.

        • Felecia says:

          Define old people. I’m 53 and still a technofreak. I have issues with the greed of Hollywood’s major studios as well. You should be allowed to view before you pay. They have a great tendency to make awesome trailers for what are crap movies. Unlike other industries there’s no money back guarantee or form of relief for dissatisfaction. Considering what’s being exposed everyday, the rats should be happy to give you a pass!

        • gary buzzhill says:

          Some of us old people rock an Ethernet cat 6 connected fire tv stick/dongle 3rd generation running T*** T.V.

    • Mike says:

      As of November 17 at 12:30 am covenant is still working . So I wonder what’s up with that

      • KodiLover510 says:

        Alot of builds havent been workin properly or saying NO CONTENT period from Exodus & convennant..1 new add on is working in replacement but hashiccups here n there but your able to stream lol i would drop the name but that would benDRY SNITXHIN lol but i can say it has something to do with water and greek thats all ima say because there no telling whi watch and read these to have a 1 up on this issue..nope lol i love kodi too much for that

    • Lozo says:

      They need to stop trying to charge for every idea that comes out on making things free….iya not piracy to me….a better way always makes the corporate whites mad

    • Chris says:

      Agreed. 100%

  2. Charlie says:

    Going to slow down stick sales, big time. :)

  3. Sam says:

    They are trying to stop the resale is all with kodi preinstalled

  4. Rich Expro says:

    Today, entertainment which arguably does little to benefit the world or the advance of mankind, has diverted the effort and attention of much of the populace away from the creation and development of things and ideas. Ideas that have allowed mankind to assume it’s place as earth’s preeminent species. Physical creations that have given us life out of darkness. Now harnessing the brain power and brawn results in fantasy and games the creators and stars of which reap huge rewards, yet when all is said and done, very little benefit is created for anyone else. These same people then turn their attention to protecting their bottom line and preventing change or allowing anyone to share in their success. Imagine what could be done with just one days energy spent watching tv series, movies and sporting events, the pyramids certainly were not built by watching theater, how will the 8th wonder of the world ever come to pass when so much of humanity sits idly by? And don’t let me get started an the waste created in the name of entertainment…

  5. KZ says:

    There is very little I actually watch, TV and Movies the last couple of years has very few offerings I’m interested in.

    Subscription prices continue to increase, services continue to splinter where you need multiple services even if modern media interests you.

  6. Alex says:

    Yeah, that content is pirated from DirecTV steams. I’ve seen it first hand.

  7. Alex says:

    I think it’s so funny that there are so many philosophical views put up by people that have no problem STEALING the content that networks poured lots of INVESTMENT CAPITAL to make. Everyone seems to have forgotten the industry is a business and employs thousands of people… I have a super religous friend that comes over and judges that I eat pork and don’t go to church but askes me if I have Kodi on my Fire TV and how much his family loves watching anything they want. I just think it’s hilarious so many people justify STEALING by saying the entertainment industry is corrupt and therefore makes it ok to STEAL. The attitude is well the industry isn’t priced exactly the way I want so it should be legal to take it. I wonder how well that attitude would work at a high end car dealership if you can only afford a used budget car… Seems there are a lot of hypocrites that think they are business moguls and it’s so easy to change things up and maintain profits for their SHAREHOLDERS who actually own the company.

    • Jose Reynaga says:

      Well said Alex, I agree with your simple yet extremely true point of view on the matter. I find it asinine to justify a direct form of thievery with a philosophical reason. There is nothing wrong with having a personal point of view. Or an idealistic mind set, yet when you use it to justify stealing ,killing,or hurting anyone or anything, that’s when it becomes a problem .

    • mike o says:

      hey Alex, i wouldnt spend a dime on anything hollywood, and thats with or without kodi. Ive got a bad taste from all the virtue signaling pedophiles/child murderers!!!

      • Alex says:

        I don’t care about Hollywood. I mainly watch a handful YouTube channels and invest my time doing other things I find more valuable than watch TV.

        • Jeff says:

          So I take it you do not watch TV good for you I think that TV is the basis of a bad Society I watch some TV and until today I didn’t know or even think that Kodi was illegal I think I will get a hold of Emma’s on and find out why they sold me a fire stick that provides a app called Kodi knowing that it was illegal

    • Ben Cooper says:

      Yes that is true without Hollywood we would not have all the content produced and available to watch that we have.

    • Ben Cooper says:

      Yes that is true and without Hollywood we would not even have all the content produced and available to watch that we have.

  8. URMyBudE says:

    I believe this is the reason why scrobbler accounts (Trakt, IMDB, TMDB) were created and integrated into various add-ons for additional menu functionality, e.g., search. Information on your viewing preferences is compiled and provided to third parties, e.g., major content providers.

  9. Alan says:

    The problem is that most families cannot afford the sky high cost
    When it cost over 100$ a month
    For the kids to enjoy cartoons and the movies
    Then there is something they will have to do without to watch TV
    They hook you the first year and then raise the price
    Netflix and Hulu plus others just went up
    TV is now the household status symbol
    TV ‘s are getting better and the bigger the better
    Amazon sales one that cost 50K
    I kid you not
    So with all this climbing up $$$$
    Someone will always find a way
    You can still get everything if you know how it works and enjoy learning how things work
    If they would make it cheaper and stop going up every year
    Then no one would do what is going on
    Why would they if it didn’t cost so much
    This whole problem started with satellite TV and just keeps changing
    There will always be someone working to get TV cheap
    That’s all kodi addons do
    There is a cost for units plus learning and setup
    But the bottom line is instead of 100$ a month
    It’s 100$ a year
    It’s will never stop now as long as you have the Internet
    This is just a curve in the road

    • Alex says:

      Youre argument proves exactly my point. Video entertainment is not a NEED last time I checked. The cost of your learning and units doesnt benefit the businesses youre stealing from.

    • Alex says:

      There will always be robberies as well but just because they happen doesnt justify the fact someone is being stolen from. So are you saying its ok to rob a business for $100 cause you cant afford to get your kids name brand shoes? Im not really sure what the point of your statement is..

      • Shoes are tangible, so that analogy doesn’t apply. But for the sake of argument, yes. If you pay $100 for the shoes, they take your $$ but you get home and the box is empty. So you go back to the store but they won’t give your $$ back or the shoes you paid for. Then you see the shoes you paid for unattended. Do you take them? Yes. Let me explain. At this point, we pay for cable. There are multiple apps that SWEAR you can watch, as NBC Sports app puts it, “any game, anywhere, on any device.” But when you try to watch a game they swear you can watch with your paid subscription, the app says the game is unavailable or the app literally does not work. I have often found this to be true of the NBC Sports, ESPN, TNT & DirectTV apps. So what choice do I have but to pirate the game using Kodi? I end up having to pirate a game I paid to watch. Here’s the kicker: once I get a pirated stream of that game, I’m watching and I see ads by the company telling me I could be watching it on their app! It’s f–king offensive. They’re blatantly lying to me and potential customers to lure them in. So I have to pirate a game I pay to watch legally. Then the company, and people like you, cry and complain about how pirating is stealing and how wrong it is. The company is the one stealing. Literally. They take your money but don’t provide the service. The flaw in your argument is you assumed the company is giving you the service you pay for, when, more often than not, I’ve found this not to be the case. So, if I have to pirate a game I pay to watch, tell me again why I should pay for the service?

        • Alex says:

          The flaw in your argument is you make no sense… So you pay for cable and then because it doesn’t work you pull pirated streams? Right… You would be the overwhelming minority. Anyway if you actually read my comment I’m talking about people who DON’T pay for the content and then steal it. Also the problem with your analogy is the company that made the shoes still gets paid. I’m not talking about your cable company (the shoe store in your analogy). Try reading my “argument” again without the pretense of trying to prove me wrong from the get go. And maybe try to figure out a better “story” to try to justify why its ok to steal without sounding foolish. By the way aint nobody over here cryin…

    • Larry Smith says:

      Mine is $205 per month
      I use Spwctrem wit 2 boxes. Ordered antenna and quitting cable, can’t afford it.

      • JD says:

        Larry sounds like your in fl brighthouse went to spectrum went up on their prices of course before that direct tv which put their dish on my roof only to make a hole and now my roof leaks!oh lets not forget verizon ;they give you the first 3months at a lower price plus some premium channels to be dropped unless you forget to call and cancel then your on the hook for those channels either or the package goes up oh lets not forget that either of these cable companies are all reruns commercial after commercial i remember when cable had no commercials it was movie after movie oh those were the days my friend someone tell me why we have to pay for this crap they offer only to see endless commercials then i cant even what my baseball games people are sick of this goings on thats why people are pirating im tired of being robbed someone wants to talk about well you know its stealing what about all the years they stole from me!?

  10. sunrise495 says:

    Really….. Your trying to sell something on Elias dime.. Not cool… Why not just go yo SetTv, instead telling them to go to your url for a commission. Besides, Nitro is 10 times better.

  11. TechyChris says:

    This is old news, Netflix and Hulu went after them just a few months back, nothing changed … turn the lights on the cockroaches scatter , turn them off they all come back out again. These big companies are shooting themselves in the foot, spend millions to save thousands, waste of time, not to mention the PR could backfire on them if they go after the little guys turning them into martyrs.

  12. Keith says:

    People suck.
    I went to a flea market awhile back and saw 2 different vendors selling preloaded fire sticks and Android TV boxes. They gave it a different name called “Brain Box” STUPID.
    This wouldn’t be a huge deal if it weren’t so carelessly exploited to make a quick buck.
    Im known as the tech guy in my family and Ive had several relatives ask me about getting them a fire tv stick that gets all free movies and TV channels.
    Some of them aren’t even aware its illegal and why should they? Since its SO wide spread they assume its like a loophole–if you can buy it at the flea market, Craigslist, ebay it must be legal…
    Ive even seen computer repair places sell them.

  13. Rey says:

    Do you know why kodi and other services get attacked because of stupid people everyone here commenting is giving information straight to them just like the you tubers dumb people…..

  14. Joe mama says:

    I don’t believe this article at all. Where are they getting their info from? The reason all these illegal streaming services work is because they are hosted in foreign countries where they don’t care or are actively looking to harm the U.S. entertainment industry. By back end do they mean where the add-ons come from, like tvaddons.ag? The movie studios can go after them all day long and it won’t make one bit of difference, nobody cares. They all need to face it, there is NO stopping this. Their only way to survive is to lower prices. Companies like Netflix have the right idea and I will continue to vote for their existence with my wallet.

  15. JD says:

    Oh boy here we go again with whats right and wrong;this train has been coming down the track and you cant stop it!thanks to all kodi fire stick etc.. We simply love you keep it coming we will pirate away!

  16. Your_next-prez says:

    I find it hilarious amazon is mentioned because it is probably the most prominent peddler and enabler(training-wheel for the kodi platform). The only reason amazon fire tv/firestick is the top selling device of it’s nature is because of its look-the-other-way-mentallity because they’re getting paid by the prime members who spend 100$ a year 2nd and have access to main content already.SO they unload product knowing it’s other guy getting f*****, keeping them essential whilst crippling their competition. And the beautiful thing is they don’t have to do anything, they let their users do the dirty work.

  17. D'sNutz says:

    They need to stop worrying about piracy for a little while and clean up all the dirty old bastards
    They gonna need every lawyer and PR man on the west coast to make that go away

  18. Jim says:

    They are not losing money because if it wasn’t free 99% of the illegal watchers like me would not pay to see it anyhow.

  19. Ninvin21 says:

    Bunch of Rapists!

  20. Kelley Andrus says:

    I remember when TV was free before the industry took over kid was able to watch cartoons for free on Saturday mornings now everybody charge

  21. Jon says:

    Of all the things I wish you would cover, this is the one I wish you would stay clear of. Between this article and associating yourself with TroyPoint I have branded you as a pirate. I am personally not passing judgment and love this site, but I am sure I am not the only one who has put two and two together.

    As I said I am not passing judgment one way or the other, the only reason I bring it up is because I feel very strongly that the Fire TV and streaming community would be better served if you stayed away from the piracy topic. It is refreshing to go to a site that just hints at piracy instead of directly supporting it, and it would be even better to visit a site that flat out stayed away from the topic. There are already a million of those sites out there.

  22. NeeNee says:

    Did you see the major companies are enforcing anti-piracy laws. Wouldnt it make more sense that minore companies are enforcing the law because they lost money? Pure greed. The writing is on the wall. There are no more companies to take over, there are no robots to run your business, you can’t pay people 4.00/hr. You have raised confession prices and ticket prices to keep your housewives in pearls and your hoes in diamonds for a lifetime so now you want to stop something. Too late. Millenials have become the new age techno and can create faster than the baby booming thieves can take it! So go sit down with Michael Douglas have a glass a cognac and a stick and enjoy the spoils of the wars you’ve won. There is nothing left to steal. We’re no longer pouring good money after bad and watching the rich get richer. We have to take what’s ours back! Ifs its free tv to start then that’s where we start! JUST DUMB SHIT!!!

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is a bunch of Bulls***! These companies STEAL INTELlECTUAL PROPERTY all the time. All that is happening right now is they have think tanks of OLD PEOPLE sitting in a room eating donuts trying to find a way to steal this idea and make it work for them…. Mark my words in the next 3 years they will rebrand the Kodi model into their own!

    • Good Bro. says:

      The total End Game here is to help them self and raise the price as long as there is a source for Cheep to free Video they can’t Gouge you, watch the service price will rise when they feel that they own the market again.

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