Kodi 18.1 Leia has been released with numerous bug fixes

Just a few weeks after releasing Kodi 18 Leia, the Kodi team has already released a new version that fixes numerous unexpected bugs that have emerged with the new major update to Kodi. To install the update on any Fire TV model, use my Downloader app and enter bit.ly/kodi181apk. If you have connection issues, you can also try bit.ly/kodi181mirror as an alternative.

Here are some of the bugs fixed with Kodi 18.1:

  • Speed up Player and Playlists operations with JSON-RPC
  • Define a senseful default value for advanced settings “updateemptytagsinterval”
  • Revert edge case crash fix that caused DVDs to be not recognised on Mac OS
  • Remove “dxvaallowhqscaling” advanced setting to prepare for DXVA improvements in v18.2 for Windows
  • Linux X11: fix usage of required configuration values
  • Add date to the log records
  • Don’t react on DPI change event on Win10 >= FCU
  • Fix Android MediaCodec freeze on early disposal of a stream
  • Flush streamplayers if abort is requested which solves waiting too long (on skipping DVD intros, for example)
  • Fix ListitemAbsolute and ListItemPosition in GUI engine
  • Ignore very first “server not reachable” notification for PVR servers
  • Use extended result codes for SQLite
  • Fix invalid PTS decoder value which should inprove MPEG2 playback on Android devices
  • update SSL CA trust store
  • Handle empty vertex buffers in GUIFontTTFGL which caused a hard crash
  • Reintroduce setting “Close channel OSD after switching channels” for PVR
  • Fix thread logging on Android which causes e.g. frozen DVD/Bluray playback
  • Avoid attempt to load music info for smartplaylists
  • Fix Top 100 Albums regression
  • RenderCapture: Only query Occlusion if GL lower 1.5
  • Check current mode if whitelist doesn’t match and take correct action
  • Check if app intent is valid on Android. This fixes a hard crash when trying to open Kodi again
  • Fix PVR input stream creation for pvr file items only containing a path and no recording/channel tag.
  • Fix playing VP9 streams using inputstream addon. It failed because codec extradata is non-existent for this stream codec.
  • Catch an exception while reading or writing a file
  • Fix logical “or” operation in GUI engine
  • Check the system capabilities to support sleep states S1/S2/S3/S4 before reporting them as available
  • Fix crash in PCSX ReARMed with BIOS
  • Several Estuary cosmetic fixes

  1. Dale W. Tillis says:

    Thanks for all you do!

    Have issue with trailers not playing.. will shut Kodi down

  2. dekeith evans says:

    downloader message error: not found. check your url, when entering an address

    • AFTVnews says:

      Try the mirror: bit.ly/kodi181mirror

      Some of the official Kodi servers have issues in the first few days of a version release. That’s why I list an alternate mirror that I know works, but can’t handle a huge load.

  3. Emmanuel Cruz says:

    Kodi 18.1 sucks still a lot of problems with movie trailer not working please xmbc fix freaking problem I’m going back to 17.6

  4. Mike says:

    Yeah, I fooled with Kodi when I first got my Firestick last year. Got tired of watching the little wheel go around and then get pairing errors. Movies never worked. I did find some documentary sites that worked, but it’s just not worth the hassle. Too many stand alone apps that have replaced Kodi now.

  5. bob says:

    38 million kodi users. Dead?

  6. David Gelkin says:

    Kodi 18.3 soon to be release soon…here we go againg

  7. TechyChris says:

    Updated to 18.1 a week ago…ZERO problems.

  8. Adam says:


    The MPAA itself figures there are 38,000,000 Kodi users….

    I’ll do you the courtesy of assuming that your analysis is not actually a true reflection of your intellect, but instead merely a poorly executed troll.

    If I’m wrong…well, you my sympathies for your condition.

  9. gege says:

    hmm 18.0 worked perfectly for me, now with 18.1 tv chanels just works for 10sec then it jumps out back to chanelist, any tips what to do?

  10. Safwandalbadalsa says:

    I guess the coding for advanced setting changed again. So much buffering like if no advancedsettings parameter change.

  11. Craig says:

    I’ve tried. I really have. But this Kodi is just crappi. I refuse to be swindled again!

  12. Tricia says:

    When I updated to the latest version of Kodi, my movies won’t play anymore. It will not connect to my network drive using smb:\\. Anyone else experience this with Kodi 18?

  13. cmaines says:

    Just updated to Kodi 18.1 and now none of my Kodi apps including the kodi.tv official repository will update. I get an “update failed” error message.

  14. rocky says:

    running 18.1 on a Firestick 4K with the Titanium build. The program intermittently just freezes or goes to a black screen after a video. i have to go to setting through the home key, force stop and restart to continue. At first i though it was the remote, so i changed to new batteries, to no avail, it did it again hours later. is this a bug, or just some minor glitch that i can fix by adjusting a setting?

  15. Baltpurp says:

    When playing any movie trailers from the video addons on Kodi 18.0 or 18.1
    The busy icon spins a couple times and then stops , then system crashes and goes back to home screen.
    Can someone please fix this or I’l be forced to go back to Kodi 17.6.

  16. Terry Lynn Bradford says:

    Same here, has there been a fix?

  17. David Grubbs says:

    I am also getting same issue for 18.0 and 18.1.
    >>When playing any movie trailers from the video addons on Kodi 18.0 or 18.1
    >>The busy icon spins a couple times and then stops , then system crashes and goes back to home screen.

  18. Tafadzwa Nesongano. says:

    My kodi is keeping on showing error log message whenever I try to open tap tv app addon

  19. Linda says:

    My 18.1 wonderful build is not so wonderful.

    How do you download fixes to the fire stick and most importantly, are there any?

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