Kodi 15.0 “Isengard” Media Center Officially Released


The final version of Kodi 15.0, named Isengard, has been released by the talented folks over at the XBMC Foundation. It’s now available across all platforms, including Android which runs perfectly on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. In addition to being packed full of bug fixes and performance enhancements, the new version of Kodi features several great new features.

One of my favorite new features is adaptive seeking. One previous version of Kodi, pressing the RIGHT or LEFT directional buttons on the Fire TV remote caused the video to skip forward or backward 30 seconds. Pressing either button now causes the video to jump 10 seconds, but if you press the directional button again before the skip occurs, the 10 second skip is replaced with a 30 second skip. Pressing again bumps it up to 1 minute, then 3 minutes, and so on. So you can dial in exactly how far forward or back you want to skip by how many times you press the directional button.


Some other new features are a new chapter selection window that lets you visually see the available scenes, a new audio and subtitle list, expanded international preferences, an improved add-on manager, less restrictive library scanning that now allows you to perform library operations like “mark as watched” while the main library update is in progress, and many more.

You can install Kodi 15.0 on top of Kodi 14.x without losing any of your settings or data. Just be sure to use the adb install -r command as shown in this guide.

  1. Justin says:

    Can I install this on top of the old version using AGK fire without losing settings?

  2. Tricia says:

    Do you know if the update using the guide will have any issues since I moved my data portion to USB storage?

    will the guide work the USB storage as well?

    • Tricia says:

      Correction not data. I did the thumbnail only to USB.

      • Keith says:

        No. Just do the install -r or use adbfire which does install -r by default and all your settings will be saved.
        Note–ALWAYS a good practice to have a backup just in case

  3. Justin says:

    Too bad Amazon banned Kodi from their store. Not that it makes a difference to us that already sideload but would have been nice for both Fire TV and Kodi if they could promote it on their store. Now Amazon looks stupid while Kodi is on google play and promoted by Nvidia for use on Shield TV.

    I wonder if Kodi getting banned on the Amazon store is the real stance of everyone at Amazon or something that just slipped through the cracks and came from some random guy that doesn’t understand technology said we shouldn’t allow this.

    Kind of funny that Kodi getting banned on Amazon came out about the same time as Kodi was allowed on the Google Play store.

  4. Mike S says:

    If I update will I lose my Kodi shortcut since it’s not in the Amazon store anymore? I know there are workarounds, but I prefer the direct route….

    • CK says:

      Just used fire starter, its way better and has support for other side loaded apps that you install.

    • Dhorlo says:

      I did lose my Kodi icon upgrading via “adb install -r”.

      • CK says:

        i used agkfire app to push and install from my phone, kodi retained all my addons and skin, dunno if agkfire made the difference.

        • Dhorlo says:

          My addons and skin remained as well after the upgrade. Unless I’m wrong, I think Mike S. is asking about the Kodi icon in the Amazon UI, which did disappear for me. The Kodi icon is no longer in my “Recent” list on the Amazon UI main screen.

  5. jon Ryan says:

    It works terrible. Most video does not play correctly or stutters especially if it is 480p. Only AAC seems to play, mp3 audio and others most of the time have no sound. Had to down grade back to 14.2. what a disappointment.

    • CK says:

      just a suggestion, try switching decoding options in playback acceleration options. Libstagefright enabled, mediacodec disabled
      decoding method, hardware accelerated

  6. Chauncey Peppertooth says:

    Does this new version which is now officially on the Google play store mean there is no longer a need for SPMC? I’ve been using SPMC as it allows the Fire TV Stick to run the screensaver and go to sleep. Is this now supported in Kodi 15?

  7. Dhorlo says:

    Anyone else having UPnP issues? I had my HDHomerun playing through the IPTV Simple Client. After the upgrade I can no longer connected to it via UPnP. I tried this with a clean Windows install to see if it was a Fire TV issue but it occurs there as well.

  8. AnonymousFTVuser says:

    Does anyone know if there is an way to find movies that have 5.1 surround sound in Kodi?

  9. Edgar R says:

    Anyway to get the kodi shortcut to show up on home screen? Disappeared after updating and resyncing did not fix. Do I have to downgrade?

  10. Chris S. says:

    My Recent apps Kodi icon disappeared as well after upgrading to Isengard =/ I know I’m able to double click home using Firestarter, but just curious if there’s a way to get it back in case someone new comes over and I forget to mention the double click

  11. Steve says:

    How can I download this to an Amazon fire stick please?

  12. Sterling says:

    Upgraded to 15.2, playback of standard def DVD ISOs started jittering badly. Tried adjusting hardware acceleration settings and saw no difference. Downgraded back to 14.2, and everything is fine again. Can anyone here tell me for sure that playback of DVD ISOs over Windows/CIFS/SMB network over gigabit ethernet is working fine for them on Isengard on FireTV 1? If so, did you have to make adjustments to get smooth playback?

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