KingRoot causing Kodi to crash after 25 minutes of streaming

XDA forum members tobenary and Ewle have both confirmed that KingRoot seems to be the cause for their Kodi installation to crash, 25 minutes into watching a video stream, on their Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. After uninstalling Kinguser, the SU permission handler that KingRoot installs, both have reported the crashing has stopped. If you’ve rooted with KingRoot and are experiencing Kodi crashes, try uninstalling KingRoot and KingUser to resolve the issue. It’s not being rooted that is causing the crash, but something about Kinguser specifically being present.

When KingRoot was first confirmed to root the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick running Fire OS 5, I attempted to identify all the changes the app makes to the Fire TV’s operating system during the rooting process. I gave up once my list grew to 20 items long and continued to climb. This is why I’ve always suggested not using KingRoot until TWRP and a pre-rooted ROM is available for your device. Like I outline in my latest Fire TV 2 rooting guide, installing a pre-rooted ROM through TWRP and factory reseting the device after you root with KingRoot is the best way to ensure you have a clean rooted device without any of the junk and changes that KingRoot makes.

Rbox is still working on TWRP and pre-rooted ROMs for the 1st-gen Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick. To avoid KingRoot related issues like this one, owners of those devices who wish to root should block software updates to stay on software version 5.0.5 until TWRP and a pre-rooted ROM are released for your device. I’ll have a guide posted on how to root with KingRoot, install TWRP, and clean up your device with a pre-rooted ROM for those older devices as soon as rbox releases the necessary files.

  1. Munkie says:

    Would rooting AFTV 1 with Kingroot be the first step once RBOX releases TWRP? as it’s the case with the AFTV 2

    • AFTVnews says:

      For those with unrooted 1st-gen Fire TVs that installed the 5.0.5 over-the-air update, yes, the first step would be to root with KingRoot, just like the Fire TV 2 guide.

      For those with already rooted 1st-gen Fire TVs that have the pre-rooted ROM installed, no, those devices never need to install KingRoot to install TWRP and the 5.0.5 pre-rooted ROM once it’s released.

  2. g4rfs says:

    I have after recent updates rooted aftv1 with kingroot 4.1 and firestick 1 with kingroot 4.8 (just downloaded different versions by mistake but mouse toggle worked fine for both) and all I have done is blocked updates via your guide and have no problems.
    As I have mentioned on XDA why is it only a few people that are having (or reporting?) these problems as we all are using the same product?

  3. John says:

    Has anyone else notice since installing Kingroot, that mouse and cursor problems popped up?

  4. Lo says:

    Im having these issues on my firetv now as well but it also exist with my netflix and hulu apps as well. The time actually varies of when the app with kick me out and I would have to press the play button again. So it doesn’t crash the app for me but it just goes back and I would have to press play again to start the video back up. So I can’t wait until Rbox can get things up and going for the FTV1, even if its in beta beta I would use it because this is super annoying.

  5. Don Black says:

    I am not sure as to their claims, I have done the same and I am running HD homerun(MOD) which requires alot, and I can tell you it has been working flawlessly. I rooted a firetv stick and uninstalled kingroot afterwards, and I have not seen any problems.

  6. Lucio says:

    please release custom rom and TWRP for AFTV stick!

  7. Mike says:

    First i would like to thank you for all the great effort you do.
    You did great job ,
    I rooted my fire tv2 using all your steps , was great.
    Only thing really dont see anything to do with rooting!,
    Will you please when have time make guide for all the addons for rootet fire tv.
    Thank you again for all the effort you did and still do

  8. Orion Reyes says:

    After I uninstalled Kingroot in my Fire TV 1, the icon did not disappear. I can’t find it under the system menu (manage applications) so I know its gone. But in the Apps section the icon is still there. Clicking on it gives me an error, and pressing the Uninstall button does nothing. I managed to block updates before removing. Is there a way to remove the icon?

  9. Thanks for the shout out.

    Definitely remove Kingroot after turning off Amazon updates.

    Kingroot is doing something that causes the FireTV to crash video feeds after 20 to 30 minutes.

    ADB Kingroot removal via ADB:

    <Open a CMD window Windows Key + R then cmd >
    adb connect
    adb shell
    pm disable com.kingroot.kinguser
    pm uninstall com.kingroot.kinguser

  10. valkyrie743 says:

    i noticed from kingroot’s page here

    that the things that are installed

    SU Binary and Purify

    Purify is an app they made and they load it is installed with king root and here is what is said to do

    ” Purify can make apps hibernation automatically which you have exited but still running in background. What’s more, she also can archive notifications for you. just like your housekeeper. Purify will be downloaded and installed in your Data/app”

    soo judging by that description. i bet that this app is causing kodi to crash (as well as other issues people are having)

    has anyone tried finding this app and uninstalling it to see if it fix’s issues?

  11. Steve Boper says:

    I am not rooted and I am on and Kodi crashes after 25 minutes anyway. I am not sure the root has anything to do with this problem.

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