Kindle Oasis is on sale for $199.99 TODAY ONLY — First Time Ever On Sale

Amazon currently has the Kindle Oasis on sale for $199.99. That price is $50 off the regular price and is the first time Amazon’s new flagship e-reader has ever been on sale. This is a lightning deal that will end in a few hours or until a certain number have been sold, so get in quick while supplies last. You do not need to be a Prime member to get in on this deal. It is unknown if the Kindle Oasis will be on sale during Prime Day, so I’d recommend placing your order now during this sale and selecting the slowest shipping method to give you a chance to cancel the order if a Prime Day sale does beat this price. Since this 2nd-gen Kindle Oasis has never been on sale before today, there is a decent chance it won’t go on sale during Prime Day.

  1. AFTV Fan says:

    Why is it so expensive? It doesn’t even have a color screen. What’s the advantage of an e-reader versus a full fledged tablet like the HD8 or HD10 which are much cheaper?

    • Reflex says:

      As said by Ryan, these are optimized for the reading experience. There is no backlight to strain the eyes, the screen does not refresh in the traditional sense, the effect is the same as looking at high quality paper.

      This is for serious readers, and it is very, very nice.

    • Doug Lee says:

      Tablets suck for ebook reading. Dedicated E-readers have long term battery life, much higher contrast screens, lighter weight, and interfaces that are optimized for reading. Any person who is a moderate to heavy reader would own an e-reader over a tablet.

  2. Ryan Pratt says:

    The big differences are a battery that should last for weeks and a screen that can be read perfectly in bright sunlight (which you will have a hard time doing on pretty much ANY tablet due to glare). Basically, this is a device for people that want the best reading experience and read a lot. Tablets can work in a pinch, but really are an inferior e-reader experience pretty much across the board.

  3. Charles T Asbury says:

    I just purchased a Kindle Oasis advertised at $199.00. But when I check my order I find I am to be billed $249.00 plus tax. Is this bait & switch.? This isn’t fair or good marketing practices.

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