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Apart from the links in the footer of the site, I’ve never posted anything about my social media accounts. I’ve always just let people stumble across them on their own. Since news has been a bit slow this week, I figured now would be a good time to post about the various ways you can keep in touch if you’d like.

Twitter: @AFTVnews is the main account for the site where I post every article I write, for those who want them in their Twitter feed. I’m most responsive on Twitter of all social media accounts, but I’ll usually reply from my personal Twitter account, which is @Elias. I also recently created @AFTVnewsApps where I’ve been posting weird/dumb/strange reviews of my app for those interested in face-palm inducing chuckles.

Facebook: The main account is which is where I post all articles for those who want AFTVnews in their Facebook news feed. There is also an AFTVnews Community Facebook Group where people are free to discuss anything. Everyone who asks to join is approved and anyone can approve others. I keep my personal Facebook account private, but I do have a public profile at that I occasionally post on.

Other: Twitter and Facebook are the main ways to keep in touch outside of the site, but there is also an Email List if you want to receive new articles in your inbox. There’s also of course an RSS Feed for those wanting to use an external reader. I’ve also considered adding browser notifications for new posts, so let me know in the comments if that’s something you would use.

  1. Koying says:

    I’d suggest to blur names from @AFTVnewsApps if you want to stay clear of troubles.

    Funny though. Very similar to a good percentage of posts in the Kodi Android sub-forums :P

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