JetBlue to give Amazon Prime Members Free Wi-Fi to Stream Video

Amazon and JetBlue have teamed up to give Amazon Prime members unlimited access to in-flight Wi-Fi. JetBlue planes are currently beta testing Fly-Fi broadband internet service which normally costs $9 per hour. Later this year, the service will be free to Prime members on all of JetBlue’s Airbus A321 and A320 aircrafts, and on Embraer E190 aircrafts in 2016. Amazon and JetBlue have collaborated to ensure the satellite-delivered internet service is fast enough to deliver high-quality uninterrupted streaming movies and TV shows via Amazon Instant Video.


  1. porkie says:

    JetBlue already give free wifi to everyone, but their higher speed services will be a paid service. People would be dumb to pay for their wifi when they already give suficient wifi service for free on the same planes. Not really much of a story considering anyone that steps on a JetBlue plane equipped with wifi is free to use it already.

    • kmft1389 says:

      The free basic inflight Wifi can’t handle video streaming. The higher speed that is paid service will be available without a fee to Prime members for streaming Amazon Instant Video.

      • porkie says:

        Yes it can, just not HD streaming. Don’t google to see what others are saying about it, take a JetBlue flight and use it for yourself. I watched two movies on Kodi for free during a flight.

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