Jeremy Clarkson sticks it to the BBC in new Fire TV Stick ad

Amazon is leveraging Jeremy Clarkson’s fame and humor in a new advertisement for the Fire TV stick. After riding around a beefed up segway in a fancy house, Clarkson describes himself as “becoming suddenly unbusy,” referring to him being fired from the BBC earlier this year. He continues saying it’s okay because he has an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Clarkson then says it has “everything you could possibly want,” before he begins naming off apps as he scrolls his recent app list, only to give a dismissive “that” when he gets to BBC’s iPlayer app. The commercial ends with a plug for Clarkson’s upcoming Amazon motoring show which has already begun filming and is schedualed to premiere next year. The ad is set to air during the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday.

  1. Caliente says:

    If there’s one thing most likely to make me sell my AFTV and move back to to an Apple TV, it’d be Amazon’s involvement with Clarkson.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I might get future AFTV media player which can play 4k@60fps for fast action car scenes ( i.e only when new Clarkson series are available on Amazon ;-) ).

  3. Heatcliff says:

    Thank you Amazon for bringing back the wonderful team!

  4. Rich says:

    Awesome; love those guys

  5. Lisa says:

    Nice to see that the author of this site refuses to publish any comments he personally does not like. I posted something about not liking Amazon’s involvement with him, but that got deleted. Nice one.

    • Mona says:


      That’s not true.
      I can see 2x posts with same content. Maybe you’re seeing the cached content.Perhaps you should check with your ISP and see if they’re having issue with cache problem.(Or your system browser itself ).

      If you’re going to buy Apple TV , you won’t be able to watch 4k contents. Think about it!

  6. Going Postal says:

    If there’s one thing most likely to make me keep my prime subscription and stick with Fire TV, it’s Amazon’s involvement with Clarkson.

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