Jackbox Party Pack 2 released for all Amazon Fire TV devices

The best maker of party games for the Amazon Fire TV, Jackbox Games, has just released their new bundle of games. The Jackbox Party Pack 2 includes 5 of the newest party games from Jackbox. The best part of these games is they use anything with a web browser, like smartphones and tablets, as controllers, so it’s easy to get a room full of people playing in no time. Included games are Fibbage, a 2-8 player bluffing game which has been updated with 500 new questions, Earwax, a 3-8 player sound-effects game, Bidiots, a 3-6 player drawing game, Quiplash XL, a 3-8 player game where the silliest answer wins, and Bomb Corp, a 1-4 player bomb defusing game. While the $24.99 price may seem high, it ends up being $5 a game for games that usually sell for $9.99 each. The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is compatible with 1st-gen and 2nd-gen Fire TVs as well as Fire TV Sticks. A single remote control is all you need to play all of these games with a group of up to 8 people.

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