Jackbox Games’ newest party game Quiplash is out for Fire TV devices

Born on Kickstarter, Quiplash is the latest game party game from Jackbox, makers of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK and Fibbage. The game supports 3 to 8 players, where players can use any device with a web browser as their controller. That means you don’t need a Fire TV remote or game controller for each player. Smartphones, tablets, and even laptops can be used to play.

Each player connects to the game by browsing to jackbox.tv and entering the matches unique code. Then they’re asked to enter an answer to questions like: “A bad name for a pet goldfish” or “An inventive way to get rid of head lice.” Once all answers are in, each question is displayed on the Fire TV along with it’s two answers and players get to vote on which answer they think is best. The game can also have up to 10,000 audience members who can also vote on their favorite answers to effect the outcome of the game.

There are 750 different questions, with a “family Friendly” mode which eliminates some of the racier questions. Quiplash is available for both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

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