iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard w/ backlight and Fire TV remote case on sale for $10 [Expired]

The iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Backlight and Fire TV Remote Case is on sale for $10 when you enter promo code BQKTZ6Q4 during checkout. The regular price for this is $24.99 and it has been as low as $20 in the past. Promo codes generated by 3rd-party sellers, like this one, tend not to last long, so expect the code to stop working soon. The keyboard itself is a standard miniature Bluetooth keyboard that can be wirelessly connected to your Fire TV. It comes with a silicone case that can be used to attach the keyboard to the back of a Fire TV voice remote. The non-voice remote that came with the original 1st-gen Fire TV Stick and the older voice remote that came with the 1st-gen Fire TV will not fit in the case. Voice remotes that came with the Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 2 (current), Fire TV 3 (pendant), and Fire TV Cube will fit in the included case. While it’s certainly not going to be as functional as something like the Logitech K400 keyboard or as elegant as something like the Sideclick Remote, it gets the job done if you want a physical keyboard mated to your Fire TV remote.

  1. beq says:

    I’d bought a similar one awhile back (now in storage somewhere with other 3rd party remotes):


    It was alright IIRC.

  2. Nahid says:

    What was wrong with the one you got? Been eyeing that one for a bit now but haven’t bit the bullet.

    • beq says:

      Mine was OK for the keyboard (though the IR learning of my model didn’t work to control my TV functions).

      I’d just accumulated too many 3rd party Bluetooth and USB RF remotes (for Fire/Android TV), kinda got fed up.

      Other than physical keyboard, main impetus was lack of TV volume/power buttons on the Fire TV’s own remote.

      Shield TV’s remote has volume but it’s an imprecise capacitive slider, and the BLE is problematic:


  3. Garth says:

    ive got the RII X8 what makes the iPazzPort beter…?

  4. Ben says:

    Score. Thanks for the heads up on this. Ten bucks for a $24 remote, promo code worked.

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