Introducing Remapper, my new app to reassign the App Buttons on Fire TV Edition Remotes

Ever since the first Fire TV Edition televisions were released, there have been people wanting to reconfigure the app buttons on the bottom of the remote to launch an app of their choice. Now that there are numerous Fire TV Edition devices with various different remotes in several different countries, all with their own set of app buttons, that desire has continued to grow. Introducing Remapper, a new set of apps that I’ve created to reassign the app buttons on the bottom of Fire TV Edition remotes so that they launch any app that you want.

Remapper mimics the app that the app button is supposed to launch by using the same app package name. For this reason, each app button needs its own unique Remapper app. When the app button on the remote is pressed, the corresponding Remapper app launches and then immediately launches the app of your choice.

When you first launch a Remapper app, either directly or by pressing the corresponding app button on your remote, you must select the app that you want to launch instead. Once an app is selected, every time after that, the selected app will immediately launch, without seeing the Remapper interface.

Similarly to my Bookmarker apps, if you later want to reconfigure the Remapper app to launch a different app, you need to clear the apps data under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. I’ve also built in a mechanic where if you repeatedly press the app button on the remote a bunch of times (about 5 to 10), the Remapper app will reset itself. This mechanic is a bit hit or miss, so just clear the app’s data manually if you can’t get it to work.

One major shortcoming of the Remapper apps is that, in order to use them, you cannot have the actual app that the remote app button is for installed on your device. This is because Remapper mimics the original app and you cannot have two apps with the same package name installed at the same time. So, for example, if you want the Netflix button to open something other than Netflix, you cannot also have Netflix installed. This also means that Remapper does not work for app buttons to preinstalled apps, like Prime Video or Amazon Music, because there is no way to uninstall those apps.

Additionally, if you have a PS Vue app button that now opens the “Live” tab, Remapper will not work for that button. That is because Amazon added a special case for that button, through a software update, after PlayStation Vue shutdown. I’ve created a Remapper app for PS Vue, but it will only work if the Fire TV is still running the older software version that still tries to launch the PS Vue app when the app button is pressed.


2/25/22 Recent Fire TV software updates have prevented the origial method for installing Remapper but there is a workaround to make the app work again. If you’ve previously installed Remapper, you must uninstall it and follow the updated guide linked below.

Detailed instructions for how to install and configure Remapper can be found here.

Since I’m in the US, I’ve only been able to test Remapper for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and PS Vue. If you have a Fire TV remote with one of the other untested app buttons, please give it a try and let me know in the comments if it did or didn’t work. Please also leave a comment if you have an app button that I missed and include the exact Fire TV model and app in the comment.

Remapper was inspired by a comment from long time AFTVnews reader Ujn Hunter who wanted to give their kid an easy way to get to Disney+. I had thought about testing this app mimicking method for a long time, but never bothered because I figured it would be too annoying to have to constantly change the package name of the app that you wanted to launch every time the app was updated. Ujn and I both had the epiphany of creating a middle-man app instead that did the redirection.

The big question is, will Amazon do something to break Remapper? My guess is yes, but I’m hopeful that they’ll leave it alone, at least for a while, since it only works if you’ve already chosen to not have the original app for the app button installed and it doesn’t work for app buttons to Amazon’s apps. If someone has chosen to not install the app for a particular app button, then the button is completely useless, so there is no loss in letting a few savvy customers improve their Fire TV experience. Besides, its possible to remap remote app buttons on Android TV devices without even needing to sideload or mimic apps, so my Remapper app just levels the playing field a little.

  1. Comments on this post have been disabled to consolidate the discussion into one place. To leave a comment about the Remapper app, please do so on the guide post.

  2. Kramar says:

    WOW! Just wow

  3. Gene says:

    Every time I press the button it keeps bringing up the remapper app instead of the one I’ve selected.

    • Please give me more details. What exact Fire TV Edition model are you using? Which app buttons have you tried Remapper for? What app have you selected in Remapper to launch?

      • Gene says:

        I’ve got the 2020 Insignia Fire TV television. I installed the HBO version. I’ve set the app to numerous different apps to launch and then click exit afterwards, but each time it brings up the remapper app instead.

  4. Jorgen says:

    Great idea, so useful. Thank you!

  5. Nate says:

    Great idea! Well done, Elias!

  6. Styrx says:

    DAZN and TVNow not working on Fire OS by Grundig
    Prime and Netflix not tested.

    • Thanks for the info. Please try the following and tell me how it goes:

      – Step 1: Uninstalling all Remapper apps
      – Step 2: Press the DAZN button and install the DAZN app that appears.
      – Step 3: Press the TVNow button and install the TVNow app that appears.
      – Step 4: Uninstall both DAZN and TVNow
      – Step 5: Install Remapper for DAZN and see if it works
      – Step 6: Install Remapper for TVNow and see if it works

      If either Remapper still does not work, please get the package name of the app that does not work by doing the following.
      – Step 1: Uninstall the Remapper that didn’t work
      – Step 2: Press the remote button for the app and install the actual app
      – Step 3: Install any Remapper app except for the one that is for the actual app.
      – Step 4: Launch that Remapper app manually
      – Step 5: Find the app on the list of apps and tell me the full part that is in the parentheses. It should be something like “com.something.something”

      • Styrx says:

        Great! It works.

      • Donna says:

        Hi Elias! I was successfully using the DAZN remapper for awhile, but now the remote button no longer works. It is still remapping, because if I select the DAZN icon on the TV, it will open my mapped app. The button is also still working because if I uninstall the remapper, it will open the DAZN app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both DAZN and the remapper to the same effect.
        Any thoughts?

        • It seems like Amazon has made a change that has stopped the remapping from working. The change seems to only be pushed out to certain Fire TV Smart TV models right now. If my TV gets the change, then I’ll be able to see if there’s a way to work around it, but for now, there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

  7. Ujn Hunter says:

    Thank you so much Elias! My son is super happy that he can turn on his Disney+ now and I’m happy I can launch my Plex. :) The buttons for HBO & Hulu now perfectly open my Plex and Disney+. Also fun note as I was worried my “new” remote with the extra Settings/Recent buttons that has an IMDBtv button where the HBO button was on the other controller, still functions to open Plex for me, which is great! It must be TV hard coded and not Controller hard coded, as I have the Toshiba TV and the new remote is “Insignia” for Toshiba. Anyhow… I and obviously others really appreciate your efforts to make a better Fire TV for everyone!

    • Awesome, I’m glad it works!

      Just so I’m clear, your original remote is the older Toshiba remote (without a settings button) that has Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and PSVue buttons and you then bought the newer Insignia remote (with a settings button) that has Prime Video, Netflix, IMDb TV, and Hulu buttons. Is that correct?

      You then installed the “Remapper for HBO” app and pressing either the Toshiba remote’s HBO button or pressing the Insignia remote’s IMDb TV button launches the “Remapper for HBO” app. Is that correct?

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        Original Remote (No Settings/Recent Button): Toshiba with Prime Video, Netflix, HBO & Hulu.

        New Remote (w/ Settings/Recent): Insignia with Prime Video, Netflix, IMDBtv & Hulu.

        I installed HBO button and Hulu button Remappers. Hulu is in the same spot on both Remotes only the HBO (on Original Toshiba Remote) and IMDBtv (on New Insignia Remote) are different. But pressing either of them Launches the HBO Remapper, which is great for me. So I have a feeling that the TV itself and not the Remote controls the App. i.e. Toshiba TV thinks the Insignia replacement Remote has the exact same “Launcher Buttons” as the Original Toshiba Remote, if that makes sense?

        • That’s really interesting. Thanks for the detail. Can you go to Settings > Controllers… > Voice Remotes… and tell me if both remotes are listed there? If only one remote is listed, figure out which one it is by pressing the mic button on each remote. The mic on only the one that is listed as paired should work.

          Fair warning, if you proceed with what I ask below, there is a chance that the IMDb TV button will no longer launch Remapper for HBO, so I fully understand if you’d rather not mess with things. That said…

          If both remotes are listed as paired in Settings, can you unpair the Toshiba remote, then restart the TV by pulling the plug, then see if the IMDb TV button still launches Remapper?

          If only one remote is listed as paired in Settings, can you then pair the Insignia remote also and see if the IMDb TV button still launches Remapper?

  8. Carlos says:

    Can i remap the TV/channel guide button ?
    I have a fire tv lite 2020.

  9. David says:

    Thank you, this is brilliant! I just got one of the new FireTV remote with the dedicated app buttons on it, and this works perfectly on it. Except….you haven’t yet made a Remapper for Disney+, which is actually the button I’d like to remap. For now, I’ve remapped Hulu, because a dedicated KODI button is just too slick! Thank you….and I hope and some point you might manage to make a version to remap Disney+.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve added Disney+ to the list above. Enjoy!

      • David says:

        Thanks so much, works perfectly! It’s surprising how much having dedicated app buttons improves the experience. And for someone like my 96 year old dad, it means having a streaming device he can actually use effortlessly!

  10. Jochen says:

    Disney + is not working (pkg damaged).
    And the AmazonMusic Button on the new (german) fTV Stick is missing …

    • You’re getting the “damaged” error because you still have the original Disney+ app installed. You must uninstall the original app in order to use Remapper.

      As for Amazon Music, pre-installed apps, like Prime Video and Amazon Music, cannot be remapped because there is no way to uninstall them.

  11. Elle says:

    This is so awesome.Brilliant, really. Downloaded your Downloader app a week or two ago when I got the Fire Stick Lite (and 4K). Recently got an Insignia Fire TV and wanted to reassign the Disney+ button to SlingTV; a simple DuckDuckGo search brought me here. I didn’t make the connection that you also created the Downloader app until I finally use the Remapper app. Doh.

    Anyway, definitely contributing to your clever work. These apps [plus your Bookmark app(s)] make using FireTVs so much more easier and practical. I still can’t get over how excellent the Remapper app is— and now that Firefox is no longer available for FireTV, how much more I appreciate having the Downloader app.

    The only other alternative is Amazon’s Silk browser. Maybe it’s great for FireTV— I don’t know. The Silk browser for Kindle caused me to crawl into bed, under the covers, and go into a catatonic, depressive state (seriously, joking ). So now, the mere sight of its logo sends me off in the opposite direction in a panic.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the apps!

      • Isaac says:

        Hey Elias, I am having trouble remapping my HBO button. The only thing I can think of is that the app the button takes me to right now is HBO Max and the codes I have found are only for HBO. Just wondering if it is possible to remap it or not. I have HBO max uninstalled as of now but the remapper just keeps taking me to the screen to download it again when I click it even after I have tried remapping with codes 2211 and 83211. I am running on Fire OS Thanks!

  12. Lalo says:

    Can you remap the Live TV aka IMDBtv button to an IPTV app downloaded from Filelinked on the fire stick remote next to the volume up button?

  13. Gavin Salt says:

    Disney+ works on my UK remote
    Any chance the AmazonMusic button could be added? (or is this not possible bacuase it can’t be uninstalled?)

  14. Faisal Lohani says:

    In my firetv remote there are buttons for Prime Video and Amazon Music which i want to remap to other apps.
    How to do that ?

  15. Jeff says:

    Can you make a Remapper app for Discovery+ and Sling, please?

  16. Ahmed says:

    I cant install any remapper, after the download it says couldnt be installed. Have they patched it?

  17. AJ says:

    that’s great worked seamlessly
    thanks so much
    this is my first FS remote with the 4 buttons and remapping hulu and disney was super ez.

  18. errorclub says:

    Hi There,
    I disabled Amazon Music via ADB.
    Would this be enough for a Remapper to work or does it really have to be uninstalled?

    • errorclub says:

      Never mind, read, then post -.- Its about package name.
      And I’m pretty sure you cant disguise the remapper as an update for this package without making amazon really mad (and it would probably be gone with the next OTA)

  19. Sanmani says:

    I have custom stbemu app downloaded from downloader , remapped to it but can’t launch it.

  20. Nikola says:

    Amazing! :)
    Just one question for the new Fire Stick 4k max remote… Can i remap the Fire TV’s built-in channel guide button?
    Thank you!

  21. Melanie says:

    Is there a way to disable the buttons altogether? My son presses them accidentally and we don’t really need them anyway. Thanks!

  22. Bryan Lundeen says:

    I’d like to remap the “Disney+” button to “Kodi” and “hulu” button to “YouTube” on the newest firestick 4k Max “Software Version = Fire OS”, “Fire TV Home Version = 6341067.1”
    Thank you so much for such a great idea! Also, is the project on github?

  23. Dennis says:

    Would also like to know if ‘KODI’ can be programmed in on the remote!

  24. Emil says:

    Hi. What about “Internet” button? It opens internet browser Amazon Silk (not preinstalled on my FireTV Stick). Could you create remapper for this button? We have version with “Internet” remote button in Poland.

  25. JK says:

    Hi there. Thank you for these awesome remappers. Do you have any plans to make them work for long-presses or double-clicks, etc.? That would open up even more options.

  26. Paul says:

    Loved the remapper app, but unfortunately only got to use it for a week or so. I successfully remapped and used my firestick 3rd gen for a week, but the two remapped buttons are completely inoperable as of today. Clicking the remapped buttons does absolutely nothing. Pressing them 20 times in rapid succession does nothing. Interestingly, if I try to open the remapper apps from the aftv downloader, they automatically open the remapped media app. It’s just the buttons that have stopped working. Any thoughts?

    • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

  27. ttsh says:

    Hi, this is so great! Wondering if there’s a code for the YouTube TV app. Or is there a way to find the code for any app?

  28. Mark says:

    Thanks for your great work, is there a paramount plus remap?

  29. Carlos says:

    Code to change HBO MAX button… The 2211 does not work

  30. Underskore says:

    I presume you can’t do a similar trick if you just adb disable apps?

  31. Beezlo says:


    what is the code for ARD Mediathek ?

  32. overground says:

    Anyone else having issues? Cleared data, remapped buttons. Amazon has this new vertical home screen. Any press of remapped buttons takes me to that. Weird.

  33. John says:

    Does this work with the new remote pro direct TV and peacock buttons?


  34. Comments on this post have been disabled to consolidate the discussion into one place. To leave a comment about the Remapper app, please do so on the guide post.

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