Introducing my new Bookmarker app(s) for the Amazon Fire TV — Load websites in just one click from the home screen

I have just released a series of new Bookmarker apps for the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions. They are simple apps that let you load a website in the Silk Browser with just a single click from the Fire TV home screen. Just save a URL in the app and every time you select that app in the future, the URL will immediately open in the Silk browser.

The purpose of these apps is to save you a few clicks when loading websites in the Silk Browser that you often visit. You can think of them as website shortcuts for the Fire TV home screen. Instead of having to load the Silk Browser, open the bookmark menu, find the website you want to load, and select it, you can save a few steps and get to the website with just one click from the Fire TV home screen. It also allows you to use Alexa, either through the Fire TV voice remote or an external Echo device, to load a website with your voice by saying “Alexa, launch Bookmarker [1-9].

There are nine Bookmarker apps total and you can find them by searching for “bookmarker” on your Fire TV device. There are nine of them because each app stores and loads a single URL. I suppose I can create more if there is enough demand, but I figured that if someone needs quick access to more than 9 websites, they’re probably better off just using the bookmarking capabilities in the Silk Browser instead of trying to remember which Bookmarker app number corresponds to over 10 different websites.

The apps are all identical, apart from the name and icon. They are very simple because the idea is that once you configure them, you’ll never see their interface again. When you first load the app, you’ll see a text field and a save button. Just enter the URL you want the app to load into the text field and click the save button.

Once you’ve saved a URL in one of the Bookmarker apps, from that point forward, that URL will automatically be loaded in the Silk Browser whenever you launch that specific Bookmarker app. If you set up more than one of the Bookmarker apps, you’ll need to remember which Bookmarker number corresponds to which URL you configured. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to let users change the app’s icon or give the app a custom name in order to make it easier to remeber which Bookmarker app loads which URL.

If you need to change the URL that you’ve saved in one of the Bookmarker apps, you have to clear the app’s data and then open the app. To clear a Bookmarker app’s data, go to the Fire TV Settings screen and select: Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Bookmarker [1-9] > Clear data. Now, when you launch that Bookmarker app, you’ll see the interface that lets you save a new URL.

These Bookmaker apps require that you have the Silk Browser installed in order to work. They do not load websites inside the Bookmarker app itself. They are simply shortcuts that load the Silk Browser app. These Bookmarker apps are currently only available on the Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 2, and Fire TV Edition televisions because the Silk Browser is currently not available on the Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 1. The Fire TV 3 is scheduled to receive the Silk Browser later in December. I’ll update my Bookmarker apps to support the Fire TV 3 when that happens.

If you’re wondering why I named the apps “Bookmarker [1-9]” instead of “Bookmark [1-9],” it’s because Alexa responds with “sorry, bookmarks are not supported yet” when you try to search for the word “bookmark,” and that made it difficult to use the apps by voice. On the plus side, the name Bookmarker better matches my Downloader app name.

I hope some of you find these Bookmarker apps useful. Of course, they are all free. If you appreciate my work and want to support me and these apps, you can become a patron through Patreon. Also, leaving a positive review for these apps would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Mark says:

    I think I see where you are going with this … Love it!

  2. Randy says:

    I also see. wink. wink. Great work!

  3. bombo says:

    I will try it as soon as I can, thanks friend

  4. Jim Carter says:

    Bravo! I’m in the process of switching to an antenna. The first site I bookmarked in the Silk Browser was broadcast TV listings. In order to speed the process of getting to those listings (and making my wife happier) I just utilized Bookmarker. Works exactly as described!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Awesome. I know first hand that reducing even just 1 or 2 steps for spouses/parents/kids can go a long way to reduce pitfalls and headaches, so that was definitely one of my motivations for these apps.

      • Cag says:

        Can you make these avail on HD10 tablet please.

        • I’ll try to add support in the next update.

          • clarence says:

            When you add the option for Bookmarker on Fire Tablets
            can you please also allow a Text Name to be entered to go under the Icon.

            I am looking for an app on Google Play that allows icon name change but have not found one for Fire tablet, all are for phones.
            QuickShortcutMaker goes thru the motions of changing the name but it doesn’t actually happen.

  5. JV says:

    Elias… you rock!

  6. Clamslam says:

    Very cool idea, nice work. Just curious what are some cool examples people are using their browser for? I like that you can use your voice to trigger too. I have been using HULU a lot because I can use my echo in my living room to turn on the tv.

  7. Fire User says:

    Is amazon down for anyone?

  8. TechyChris says:

    The man has vision!

  9. Bob Dole says:

    You are a freaking genius.

  10. Holger says:

    Nice idea :)

    However, is it possible to sideload Silk Browser as it’s currently not in the German appstore.

  11. skeatter says:

    Great idea works and works well. I do think you should just go ahead and do one as an apk for us with the Pornhub icon. I thing some would get more use out of it that way. LOL

  12. anony says:

    Thanks so much for doing this.

    I ran into the exact problem with Silk Browser that Bookmarker solves.

    I wanted to set up MSNBC live streaming, Fox News live streaming, and CSPAN live streaming with a cable login.

    But none of them have Fire TV apps with live stream.

    And when I opened Silk Browser this week, it was a pain to continuously go back into bookmarks and select the site I wanted.

    This will make it easier with Alexa to open each site.

  13. unknownsoldier says:

    Masterstroke! Works like a champ.. Thanks Elias

  14. Masterblaster says:

    Elias your always one step ahead of the spider…️

  15. Nate says:

    There is only one reply worthy of this app:

  16. Mewtwo says:

    APK Editor will do wonders (just remember icon should be in PNG format and a perfect square in dimensions).

  17. 83ny says:

    Can you put the website name on the logo, I installed 3 but if you installed more than 3, you gotta remember which website you saved.

  18. Tampa8 says:

    V E R Y Nice….

  19. Will Gagnon says:

    Next – how can we rename and personalize (with pix) each bookmarker on homescreen???

  20. md nahid says:

    Please someone may modify silk browser for fire TV to adopt it Android TV and Android TV remote. Some modifications will be removing fire tv remote picture pop-up on screen, double click middle button to open menu, add icon to Android TV launcher home screen, voice button to go url or search etc.

  21. ML says:

    Loving this. Working well. Thank you!

  22. Levi says:

    When i wanna exit the “Bookmarker”, i have to click the button “Exit” 2 times, then the app will totally quit. Could you please fix it in the next version. Thank you so much

  23. Charles Johnson says:

    The Amazon app store says this is not compatible with my Firestick2???

  24. frntg says:

    Is there an apk of this that we can download so as to sideload onto the fire tv?

  25. Jim Pippas says:

    I love this, any plans to have a shared library of icons that can be injected to make it easier to keep which bookmark bookmarker is loading?

    Suggested next phase….
    I’m not a programmer at all but I would be glad to volunteer in any way I can, or just make a donation toward this following how about an app that brings up a list of bookmarks to go to?

  26. Djimmy says:

    Could you please make the apk for the bookmarker available somewhere other then the Amazon app store.
    I don’t have any payment info connected to the account I run my firesticks on, so I can’t use the amazon app store

    • TechyChris says:

      FYI there is a work around for this. Purchase a prepaid Credit Card, any dollar amount. Master Card or Visa any type that Amazon Accepts. Spend almost all the funds on the card on whatever you want (does not have to be spent on Amazon) Leave ANY AMOUNT left on the card like $1 or less. Add the card as your preferred Amazon payment, DONE.
      I have been using a prepaid VISA for years that has .50 Cents on it and doesn’t expire until 2029. works like a charm. Amazon can never get more than .50 cents out of it. Also works great as a Parental Control to prevent unauthorized charges for payed movies/music/apps if someone gained access. I never get any nag screens. Of course if I purchase something for real on Amazon I temporarily add another form of payment.

      • Djimmy says:

        I added a test credit card number to my account, but what a hassle just to download an app.

        • TechyChris says:

          Yes somewhat. Alternatively if your credit card company allows for the creation of one time use virtual numbers for online purchase protection you could go that route and use it as a “place holder’ to allow the purchase of free apps.
          I do not know what country you’re based in but I once read that in the USA it is illegal for a company to require a person’s credit card information just for the “purchase” of FREE apps etc. Apple requires a credit card as well and I’ve never made a purchase requiring actual money.
          I don’t know how Amazon and Apple are getting around this.

  27. Kensuke says:

    Very useful. Thanks a lot.

  28. Jeremy Harkcom says:


    Is there anyway this can be combined with ITVlabs launch on boot so it automatically starts one of the bookmarks at boot time. If not any other suggestions how this might be achieved.


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