IMDb TV channels have been added to the Fire TV’s Channel Guide and Live tab

The IMDb TV app installed by default on all Amazon Fire TV’s has been updated to support the Fire TV’s Channel Guide and Live tab. In addition to IMDb TV’s on-demand content, the service offers over 50 linear channels that you can tune into and channel surf through. A subset of 26 of these channels can now be accessed directly from the Fire TV’s various Live TV interfaces.

Once you receive the latest version of the IMDb TV app, you’ll find that 26 channels have been added to your channel guide. The Fire TV Channel guide can be accessed by selecting the “Guide” button found in the “Live” tab on the Fire TV or by saying “Open Guide” to your voice remote. It’s worth noting that, since the IMDb TV app is installed by default, this means that all Fire TV devices will now have something in their channel guide. Prior to this update, you had to first have a Prime Video Channel subscription or an app installed that supported the channel guide.

In addition to viewing IMDb TV channels in the Fire TV’s channel guide, the channels will now also appear in the Fire TV’s Live tab. If you scroll down the Live tab on a Fire TV you will find a new row labeled IMDB TV that lists what is currently airing on each channel. If you mark a channel as a favorite, either from the live tab or from the channel guide, the channel will appear at the front of the list of IMDb TV channels.

Like all channels that integrate into the Fire TV’s channel guide and Live tab, you can hide any or all of IMDb TV’s channels. To do so, head to the Fire TV’s Settings and select the Live TV menu. From there select Manage Channels and then select IMDb TV. You’ll then see a list of all of the channels and can select to hide them or mark them as a favorite channel. Favorited channels also appear at the top of the channel guide in a separate “Favorites” section.

  1. Jeffery Barlow says:

    Are we in Canada getting this change?

  2. William Couse says:

    When are they going to add apps like XUMO, DistroTV, Plex channels, Redbox channels, Roku channels, STIRR?Would love to see all of the live tv options in one spot.

    • It isn’t Amazon alone that decides what gets integrated. The app/service needs to do most of the work needed to make their channels available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this integration is simply an open API that any app can decide to take advantage of, so it seems like one side has to reach out to the other to get the ball rolling on this kind of integration.

  3. Jason Eichmann says:

    Thanks Elias. Saw this the other day. Didn’t know that IMDB Live existed. Has there been any news on the Hulu live integration? It was there, then it was gone. Voice controls for Hulu live work sporadically, but nothing in the live guide.

  4. Joel says:

    Do we even have the “default” IMDb app in Canada?

  5. Blaine k says:

    Is this like others and is a gradual rollout. I don’t have on my cube 2 gen yet

  6. Annoyed Amazon Customer says:

    This is an extremely annoying “update”. I use a Recast, and I will never watch these IMDB garbage channels. It just screws up my guide. Amazon is a fascist company. Freaking hate them thinking they know what I want.

  7. Melanie Serra says:

    I’m trying to get my fire recast to record IMDb tv. No luck? Has anyone had success?

  8. arlene jarmolowicz says:


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