Image of new waterproof Kindle leaks

The above image of a supposed next generation Kindle has just surfaced on a MobileReader forum. The leaker claims to have received the image from a retailer in China and that it is of a future waterproof version of Amazon’s eReader. The edge-to-edge glass front of the device does seem to suggest this could be the first waterproof model. Lord knows Amazon loves showing off their Kindles at the beach and next to a pool in marketing photos, so a waterproof model makes a lot of sense.

The leaker suggests the new model will either replace the Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage. The Kindle Voyage is the far older device at 911 days old, as shown in my buyer’s guide, so that would be the more plausible device to replace. However, since this new model is quite different from all existing models, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s introduced under a new name.

The leak states the CPU will remain the same as existing models, as will screen density at 300 ppi. An exact release date is unknown, but as the leaker states, “probably available during the 2nd half of the year” is likely a pretty good guess.

  1. Reflex says:

    When you say ‘glass front’ do you mean the screen or the entire front? I can’t tell from that image. The Voyage and Oasis have actually had glass screens, but are not waterproof.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Sorry, I realize my wording wasn’t that clear. I’ve updated the post. To me, it seems like the glass is edge-to-edge without a plastic border holding it in. I don’t mean the screen itself is glass, because that is still an e-ink screen and not an LCD.

  2. Wrecks says:

    Interesting choice of words in that title, Elias.

  3. Josh says:

    That’s exciting. It would put Kindle one step closer to competing with the Kobo Aura One’s waterproof design. I just wish that Amazon would make an 8″ Kindle with larger storage capacity for reading Manga. If they would give the Oasis and 8″ screen and waterproofing I’d gladly pay whatever insane price they’d chrage

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