iDevices to release light switch with integrated mic and speaker for built-in Alexa

There are dozens of connected light switches that can be controlled by Alexa with more being constantly released. None of them can do what the newly announced light switch from iDevices can do. With a built-in microphone and speaker, the Instinct, as it is being named, is a light switch that essentially doubles as an Echo Dot. You can, of course, control it through Alexa, but you don’t need a smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled device to do so, since you can talk to it directly.

The iDevices Instinct includes dimming capabilities and sensors for light and motion, which can be used to trigger lighting changes. The light ring only illuminates when it hears the wake word for Alexa. It can also be controlled by the Google Assistant and Siri, but only Alexa is accessible through the switch itself.

Importantly, iDevices says the light switch supports Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) so if you have multiple switches or other Alexa devices around, only the closest one will respond to your voice request. Surprisingly, it also supports Alexa grouping so that it can be incorporated into multi-room music groups. While its built-in speaker will likely not fill a room with music, grouping is a nice capability to have for ambient background music. Unsurprisingly, the light switch does not support Alexa calling or messaging.

Ecobee announced a similar light switch with built in Alexa capabilities early last year, but we haven’t heard anything about it since. iDevices may beat them to release because the Instinct will come out later this year. A price hasn’t been announced, but you can probably expect it to be over $100.

  1. Adam says:

    An Alexa enabled light switch?

    That’s a bright idea.

    (I’ll let myself out)

  2. Len Mullen says:

    >$100 for a light switch? ROTFLMAO!

    • cdlenfert says:

      Yeah totally, because it’s just a light switch right? I mean, it can’t do anything else. It’s not like it basically has a computer built into it or nothin’!!

  3. Jon says:

    At that price I am predicting this thing does not sell much. They may not have Alexa built in, but you can get any other switch for less than $40 and even as cheap as $6 for a Sonoff if you want to do a little tinkering.

    It is neat no doubt, but no thank you.

  4. Tampa8 says:

    Not knocking the idea I do like the device. But not anywhere near that price. Much better to buy an often discounted DOT for that room if you need Alexa there and use a much less expensive light switch.

  5. Shawn Roth says:

    The Ecobee one is being beta tested right now. I got an email to request to be in the beta test…but I didn’t get in. It says I still have a chance…so if I do get in..I’ll pass along details about the device.

  6. Mark B says:

    Their outlets are $99. That would like $600 per room and $20,000 to add smart outlets to your house. Crazy.

    Cant wait till a year from now when the market is flooded with cheap $15 Alexa outlets. Outlets literally cost $2.28 at Home Depot, All-in-one Alexa capable SOC costs like $5.

    I don’t have anything against this particular company but we are being completely ripped off on some of these smart devices.

    Oh look we added $3 USB ports to a wall outlet it’s only $30…. Give me a break.

    YouTube the video sonoff the $5 wifi smart switch that’s compatible with Alexa and google home. Cool video.

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